Natural Healing Through Specific Nutrition


                      We Care

What makes us better than other doctors? We listen and we care. We understand that the reason that you are seeing us is because there is something wrong and that this something is affecting your life. We also know what many of you have had to go through in the past in the attempt to solve your health problems often with unsatisfactory results. We understand the burden that can be placed on a family when someone cannot function as they should as well as the financial burden that can easily accrue with the classical health care system. We also know that many things do not show up on routine tests.  This does not necessarily mean that there is nothing wrong.

At our clinics we care that you are suffering and we listen to what you have to say. It’s your body after all. Who knows more about it than the person who lives in it 24 hours a day? We believe you when you tell us what is going on with it. Better yet we care enough to work with you to find out what is underneath your health problem and help you to correct it. And we do it without drugs! And there is something else that the school of hard knocks has helped us to understand. There are not any two people who are the same!

Grouping people together and giving them a generic drug or supplement doesn’t always work. Each person needs their own individualized program of care that is right for them.

We treat the individual who walks through the door. It is done in a very caring fashion and in an individualized manner so that each person walks out with those exact things needed in order for their body to heal. It’s about health and it’s about healing, not just taking drugs to make it so you can’t feel problems anymore. Helping someone to heal isn’t just about prescribing. It is caring enough about the individual to make sure that they are receiving the best health care possible. Cause Point Correlative Testing is a stupendous tool for specifically handling common conditions as well as many conditions that other methods simply cannot or do not address. We get results when other methods fail. Just look at what our patients say. It should be the reason everyone comes to us. But it isn’t. The reason people come to us is because we care. Perhaps that is why we get such great results.

Dr Dave Murdock 


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