Natural Healing Through Specific Nutrition


The majority of information on this web site is not original.  It is mostly basic information that is foundational to the understanding of natural health care.  My goal was to communicate this information in a way it could be understood.  I hope that I have at least partially succeeded in my efforts.  My apologies to those individuals who served as sources of ideas and information for my articles for not quoting them so that they can receive the direct acknowledgement that they deserve.  The research and effort expended by these individuals in their efforts to help doctors to practice ethically and sanely in an insane world qualifies as heroic.   A major source of the ideas and concepts that I have incorporated into the way that I think and practice is the seminars that I have taken in the past. Though I received and understood the information and concepts, I kept no notes from which to quote.  The only thing worse than failing to quote an individual is to quote a person as saying something that they didn't actually say.  I hope these individuals and any not mentioned find some solace in the fact that someone listened and appreciated the importance of their hard work and excellent presentations.

I would like to specially acknowledge the following individuals for their brilliance  and stellar efforts in making the world a better place through natural health care:

Michael Dobbins D.C.
D.D. Palmer D.C.
Richard Vesandaal D.C.
Reggie Gold D.C.
David Singer D.C.
Burl Pettibon D.C.

L. Ron Hubbard for teaching me the power of simplicity and showing me that looking for youself is better than having others do it for you

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