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Part Time Front Desk Applicants

This is a part time position with work hours on Tuesday, Friday and every other Saturday morning for an average of about 20 hours a week. Our hours are 10:00am to 7:00pm MTWF and Saturdays by appointment - usually 10:00 to 1:30 or 2:00.  A lunch break is taken sometime between 12:30 and 2:00.  It is a front desk assistant position that includes the following described duties.  Typing, computer and math skills required. (Ours is a cash practice, we do not accept insurance so it does not include insurance collection or coding duties.)  Compensation is $11.00/hour plus weekly bonuses.  The position also includes nutritional muscle testing services at no charge and supplements at cost as a benefit. Please feel free to peruse the website to get an idea of what we do at the office.



Schedules patient appointments

Writes patient dosages and calculates amounts of nutritional supplements that are needed by each patient

Collects payment from patient

Answers the phone and takes messages, routes phone calls or handles (sales calls)

In charge of the answering machine and voice mail

Gives new patients their forms and checks them for completeness

Enters patient information into the computer

Prepares and updates patient files as needed

Pulls files at the beginning of the day and files files after the end of the day

Updates mailing lists on the computer

Greets patients and others as they enter

Routes patients to the proper places

Gives patients their report of findings to read

Collects pre-payments

Has patients sign the agreement to do services at the clinic

Schedules advance appointments

Keeps track of office statistics

Calls patients to confirm their appointments

Enforces patient compliance with their schedules of care

Calls patients who miss their appointments and reschedules

Calls patients who haven't been in in a while to make sure they are okay

Balances accounts at the end of the day

Prepares the bank deposit

Xeroxes/prints forms as needed

Orders office supplies as needed (credit card supplies, etc)

Helps patient testing as needed

Hands out educational materials

Prepares patient education and promotional folders

Maintains patient referal list, birthday list and contact lists

Sends birthday cards, patient card program and activation cards(from the computer)

Helps with mailings

Orders drop shipments as needed

Puts stock on shelves

Keeps prospect list

Keeps missed appointment list /unrescheduled list

Takes out trash and keeps office looking nice

Types report of findings

Types letters and articles for the doctor

If you are interested download and fill out the following forms, both the application and the application questionnaire, and attach them and your resume' either to the e-mail address given on Craigs list or or mail to 3214 Mallard Cove Lane, Fort Wayne, IN 46804.  I should be setting up interviews within the next couple of weeks.  I'm sorry but due to the volume of response I probably will not be able to respond individually to all applicants.  Please do not call the office unless you wish to make an appointment for care. (Such appointments will have no bearing on being selected for the position.)  Resume's alone without completed questionnaire will most likely not be considered for the position.

Front Desk Assistant Application Rich Text format

Front Desk Assistant Application Word format

Front Desk Assistant Application Questionnaire Rich Text format

Front Desk Assistant Application Questionnaire  Word format

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