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Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction (ED) is quite common. Studies say 20-35% of men age 40-70 suffer from moderate to severe erectile dysfunction. In my opinion there are three broad causes that are responsible for the majority of men who are suffering from this condition. The first category relates to physical reasons that are directly affecting the sex organ and its function. Prostate problems (even if asymptomatic) and problems with the nerves to the area are probably the most common of these. Improperly functioning kidneys, adrenals, circulatory and heart may also be underlying factors. The latter has to do with the water pressure in the area that is necessary for an erection to occur. Then there is the hormonal factor. If the glands are not properly balancing the hormones, erectile dysfunction may occur.

The second category of men who suffer from ED have energy problems. Probably 40-50% of men who suffer erectile dysfunction are simply dead dog tired. Their bodies do not have the energy for sex. Until the person’s energy is raised there is no use pursuing other avenues of correction. The tiredness can result form any number of reasons. It could be a problem with blood sugar being too high or too low. Thyroid and adrenal problems may be causes of low energy. There could be a heart problem or it could be a side effect of blood pressure or cholesterol medication. An infection in the blood or multiple infections in the body may sap the person’s energy. Many painkillers and drugs that work on the nervous system such as sleep aids and psychiatric drugs can both affect the nerves of the sex organs and give the person a numb, dead or wooden type of tiredness.

The last broad category is mental or spiritual. It’s not always obvious to the individual. Sometimes it is to the spouse (sometimes it is not). This is of course the most difficult to handle with nutrition and chiropractic alone. Sometimes giving the person promper nutrition and chiropractic care can change the environment of the body enough that the mental aspect falls away. Sometimes a different approach other than nutrition and chiropractic is necessary.

The Cause and Effect Muscle Testing approach works quite well with the majority affected by erectile dysfunction. CEMT allows a quick, accurate, affordable method of checking the nerves, prostate, hormones, kidneys, heart, and sources of tiredness for malfunctions that could be affecting the mechanics of erection. If you are suffering from this malady and it is taking a toll on your marriage, self-esteem and future outlook, please call for an appointment at (260) 459-6160. Help is possible.




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