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Levels of Truth and the Ultimate Cause of Disease


There can be different levels of truth. How can this be you say? Truth is truth. Let me explain using a doctor’s viewpoint as an example.

Say a person has joints that are swollen and hurt. He goes to a doctor and after the doctor examines him he says he has arthritis. True. His joints are inflamed and it is called arthritis. But if you look deeper he actually has an infection in his joints that is causing his joints to be inflamed so what he really has is an infection. True. However, if the acid base and minerals imbalance had not weakened the tissues of the joints he would not have the infection in his joints so what he really has is an acid base and mineral imbalance. This is true. But wait! If his kidneys were working as they should his acid base and mineral imbalance would not be there nor would the infection or inflammation in the joints. His problem is that his kidneys are malfunctioning. That’s the truth of the situation. Yet the reason that the kidneys are malfunctioning is because of a chemical that he ate that affected his kidneys. The truth is he is suffering from chemical poisoning. But the other people who ate the same food didn’t seem to suffer from kidney problems or develop arthritis. His kidney’s couldn’t cope with the chemicals because the nerves that control the kidneys were injured from an accident to his lower back. He truly has nerve injury from an old injury that is interfering with the strength of his kidneys. This is allowing his joints to be inflamed. The nerve problem that never fully healed is the problem. Why is the injury there? He wasn’t operating in the “now” and did something stupid most likely. Why wasn’t he operating in the “now”? Well he was probably upset or confused or feeling bad about something or some other thing of the same sort. Furthermore, why hasn’t his old injury healed when other people who have injured their back in the same way bounced back to normal? Now we have worked it back to where the true cause of what is going on lies in the mental and spiritual realm.

Every single one of the above are true causes of his condition. Each level of “true” cause provides an avenue of approach to the resolution of the condition. Sometimes doctors argue that they are right and the other guy is wrong. Believe it or not they can both be right. With muscle testing we tend to pick up whichever of the “true” causes the body happens to have its attention on at the time of the test. Eventually they all surface (except for those true causes that we don’t have testing points for, ie. genetics, spiritual.) You may have two different muscle testing doctors test the same patient a couple of days apart have different things show. As confusing as it sounds they can both be right. When we are measuring the body with muscle testing, it isn’t the same as measuring the size of a table for instance. We are measuring a type of life energy that can change. Nevertheless, the feedback that we get is true and, like I said, each truth allows an avenue of approach toward remedying the health condition.

In the above example the truth that it is arthritis can result in drugs being given to the person to make the symptoms of inflammation disappear. The truth that it is an infection can allow antibiotics and supplements and herbs that enhance the immune system to be used to get rid of the infection. The truth that it is an acid base and mineral imbalance allows minerals and buffering solutions like apple cider vinegar for instance to be used as an approach. The truth that it is a kidney problem allows herbs and nutrition directed at the kidneys to be utilized. The truth that it is a chemical poisoning allows nutrition, herbs, detoxification, procedures and even exercise as avenues for correction. The truth that is a nerve problem allows herbs and nutrition directed at the nerves as an approach. Also chiropractic care, massage and touching techniques as well as exercise may be incorporated for the correction of nerves. The mental and spiritual is an undeniable avenue of approach for correcting the body. Based on what I have learned and what I have observed I have formed the opinion that most health problems somehow, someway can ultimately be worked back to the mental and spiritual. You take two people that go through the exact same environment and eat the exact same things, one gets sick and one doesn’t. Why? They have different histories. They have different attitudes and different considerations. You ever know anyone that only gets sick on their days off? I have. Ever know anyone who becomes sick every time they screwed up? I have. What about two people that have the exact same condition and the exact same treatment and the one gets better and the other doesn’t. Same thing. Different history, different attitudes, different considerations.

If you are looking for the most basic cause of health problems the path of truth ultimately lands you in the spiritual realm. This is hardly surprising, is it? God is the ultimate cause. All things come from God through the spirit.

The lower the level of truth on this chain of truths, the more temporary and less effective from a whole health viewpoint the solution appears to be. Continuing with our arthritis example, when drugs are taken away the arthritic pain instantly appears. The condition of the joints themselves rarely get better and the rest of the body develops other problems from the drugs. When the infection is treated the symptoms may go away but will shortly come back if the mineral acid base balance is neglected. You also may develop other problems in the body from the pH and mineral imbalances. Fixing the kidney problem will probably help the condition for a longer time but if the nerve injury and low back weakness is not addressed it will come back whenever something stresses the nerves. If the mental and spiritual is not corrected, the person will often re-injure or “hold” their illnesses in place.

Related to this, the best solution is not always the quickest. In my office I try to address as many of these causes as I can on as many levels as I can without overwhelming the patient. The process of correcting the body as we travel up this chain of “true” causes may take a little time but it is well worth it. Once we have addressed all of the causes that show up, if the person is not better it is most often the mental and spiritual that needs to be addressed. The person somehow needs a mental or spiritual change that allows the healing of their health condition. Easier said than done. Most require help because they can’t see what needs fixed. If they could easily see it, it wouldn’t still be there. This falls outside of my area of expertise and moves into the area of properly done spiritual counseling.

Cause and Effect muscle testing is a tool. It is a wonderful, accurate tool that works great for fixing bodies. But it is still just a tool. No doctor anywhere ever healed anything. The only thing that heals is a God endowed life. CEMT makes it easier for the life of the body to perform as intended. It works so well that the vast majority of people who use it get wonderful results. But you do have to use it. You deserve to get better. Call 260 459-6160 for an appointment.

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