Natural Healing Through Specific Nutrition

                           Hello Earthling


I think I’ve figured out why UFO's don't openly communicate with earthlings. Picture flying around in your spaceship, when you see a nice blue planet and decide to go down and explore. You walk up to the first couple of people that you see to make contact. After doing a routine tri-corder analysis on them, you see that they have malfunctions occurring in their body. So you say, “I see that you have something that is malfunctioning. What do you do on Earth when your body malfunctions?". The earthlings then reply, "Oh, we take these synthetic chemicals into our blood so that we can't tell the malfunction is there, while it and the chemicals destroy our bodies." "…..Oh", you reply. "Well what do you do if that doesn't work?", you ask. "We cut out our human organ parts." ....

About then you slowly back away to your spaceship making no sudden moves. Once inside you call in and report, “Earth is inhabited by CRAZY people! I repeat. Earth is inhabited by CRAZY people. Quarantine is strongly recommended!".

There you have it. The real reason.

Like so many things that Earthlings do, their common approach to illness and body malfunction is not sane. People will allow their bodies and their lives to be ruined by following this mainstream "think" rather than seeking out a more rational approach.

Let's take a typical death spiral.

A person has a problem with say, indigestion. So a person goes to the doctor and is prescribed a pill to handle his indigestion. The pain from the indigestion may (or may not) disappear. However, a side effect of this is diarrhea. So he goes to the doctor, who says he has irritable bowel and is prescribed a pill for this. His diarrhea goes away but now he has difficulty urinating (a side effect), so he goes back and gets a drug for this and as a side effect of this drug he develops heart palpitations. Now he's on two different heart medications that stress his adrenals and he develops joint pain, so he takes an arthritis medication. This doesn't really work, so he goes back to the doctor and the doctor knows that this person must be a complainer to have all these symptoms, so he says he has fibromyalgia. This never really gets better and after a couple of additional trips, the doctor is sure that this person is just mental and prescribes a mind-altering drug. Now the person's nerves don't regulate properly anymore and the body goes way out of balance, though the person is too numb to feel it and it's only a matter of time before something in the body blows, the liver for instance, and he has to have a portion of his liver removed. This puts additional stress on the kidneys so they fail, so now the person is on dialysis for $50,000 per year and is totally incapacitated.

There has to be a better way.

We know that the symptoms a person is suffering from are 1) not from a lack of liquefied dead organic plant matter, that is 300 million years old, buried hundreds of feet below the surface that then is pumped, refined processed and transformed in a chemical laboratory to a powder form that mimics or blocks a natural substance in the body after being ingested. "Say, did you fail to eat your 300 million year old rotten plant matter transformed chemicals today"? "Oh boy, are you going to be sick! No way are you going to be healthy now". And we know that 2) the symptoms are not from having too many human organ parts.

The body was created to work, run, build and heal on food. That's the way the Creator made it. It's no wonder problems develop when this is bypassed.

Things go wrong in the body when either not enough of the correct food enters the body or when something interferes with the body's utilization of the food. These two things can be categorized into many classifications but the solutions all sum up to these two things; 1) giving the correct food and 2) removing things that interfere with the proper utilization of the food, so that healing can occur. Simple but true.

The body has an amazing ability to heal if it is allowed to. There is an internal healing power called LIFE that can take the elements in food and miraculously transform it into living human tissue. Every single chemical reaction that occurs during this process is not known and may never be known. It is unnecessary to the solution of the problem. Give the body what it needs and get rid of the things that are getting in the way of the healing and stand back and watch the healing take place. Chiropractors have a saying, “The power that made the body can heal the body”. It is in fact the only thing that really heals.

Try this experiment. Go to the store and buy a piece of meat. Cut it with a knife. Now sprinkle it with the medicine of your choice, bandage it up and come back in a couple of weeks to see if it’s healed. Of course it isn’t. The medicine doesn’t heal anything. Only life has that power. Our job is not to try to supplant, substitute or bypass life, it is to simply help it.

This is what we do with Cause and Effect Muscle Testing. By getting into communication with the body through special muscle testing procedures, we are able to determine what is interfering with the healing process and what specific foods the body needs, in order to be restored back to health. So if you’re tired of scaring off spacemen or if you simply wish to be healthy instead of sick, in pain or miserable, give us a call for an appointment at (260) 459-6160  (Fort Wayne) or (773) 929-3964 (Chicago).

David A. Murdock D.C.

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