Natural Healing Through Specific Nutrition

        The Biocomputer in the Body


Muscle Testing is based on observed phenomena. Someone noticed that this happened when you did that. The first thing that was noticed was that certain muscles of the body became weak when certain organs were sick. Next it was noticed that you could contact a sick area with the hand and the person’s muscle would go weak when it was pushed on. This was explained straight forwardly as high electricity from the sick area causing a circuit to blow in the muscle that was tested. But the people that were doing this work discovered that there was more that could be tested than just if the organ was sick or not. It was discovered for instance, that if the person held the nutrition that was needed to correct the condition within the body’s electric field,the previously weak muscle would become instantly strong. This of course sounds miraculous. The person hasn’t even eaten the supplement yet. Nevertheless, it has been shown with electrodermal testing (that measures acupuncture meridians), that when the proper nutrition to correct a condition is entered into the body’s electrical field, the weak acupuncture meridian will instantly go back to normal. Electrodermal testing simply measures the resistance along the electronic field, similar to an everyday ohm meter that electricians use. It’s not a mental phenomena; an electrical change occurs in reality. As more and more muscle testing was done certain doctors realized that it was as if they were getting feedback from the body, as to what was wrong and what was needed to fix it. Thus it was postulated, that there was an intelligence in the body that could be communicated with using muscle testing. Chiropractors have long been taught that there was an innate intelligence in the body that ran things and that by working with this intelligence and helping it by clearing out interference to it, the body’s balance could be restored, and health could return. Basic chiropractic philosophy describes life giving communication that travels above, down, inside out from the brain down the spinal cord from inside the body out through the nerves to the rest of the body.

I prefer to think of this intelligence that balances the body, as a biocomputer system. It is apparently a solid-state type system using neuronal circuitry. I say this because I know from experience that if there is something that is affecting the nerves and brain directly, it needs to be cleared out before the muscle testing is accurate. The closest comparison that I can think of to this system, is the computer that is in our car. When a repairman is trying to find out what is wrong with the car and why it is not running well, he hooks it up to a machine to get a read out from the car’s computer and the car's computer tells him what needs to be looked at. If man can put one of these in a car, it is not too hard for me to imagine that the Creator of our bodies could put one of these in our bodies. The car mechanic gets a digital readout on a screen or on paper. The body (human body) mechanic gets a series of dips in the strength of the muscle which can mean different things. By the way, when these computers first were used in the car, many mechanics didn’t have the expensive machinery necessary for the digital readouts. What they used was a special key that they would plug in under the dashboard. The dashboard lights would then blink in different patterns. The mechanic would then go to a reference that would tell him what each of the blinking patterns meant, and he could tell what was wrong in that way. Instead of lights blinking, muscle testers get dips in muscle strength.

The point is, in both cases you get feed back from the diagnostic computer to tell what is wrong. Recent research is showing more parallels to computer technology and living tissue. Scientists (Cornell et al.) published an article in Nature where they successfully used a cell membrane to produce a digital readout on a screen. They essentially used it as a computer chip. The science of epigenetics is claiming that the DNA in the cells is actually data storage like the hard drive in a computer system.

My personal belief is that this diagnostic system was intentionally placed in the body by the Creator, for us to use. It can be used correctly or incorrectly just like anything else. It is an invaluable tool that may be accessed by those that are trained, and it may be used to see what physical factors are affecting the body and what will help the body to get better.

It’s too simple. What could be simpler than getting a report from the body on what is wrong and what it wants to get better. People have a hard time in this era of technical complexity, wrapping their wits around it. It’s too simple for some to accept. That’s ok, no one says they have to use it; they can try complicated methods that more times than not give no answers and solutions that keep causing more and more problems. Sure it’s unorthodox and people aren’t used to it yet; but the results are undeniable. If you only do what others do and aren’t willing to think for yourself, you’ll probably not be a good CEMT patient. If you are able to spot a truth when you see it (now matter how it was arrived at), you’ll be able to use CEMT findings to regain your health quickly, accurately and affordably. If you know someone who would like an accurate diagnostic report from the body’s internal computer have them call (260) 459-6160 (Fort Wayne) or (773) 929-3964 (Chicago) for an appointment.



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