Natural Healing Through Specific Nutrition

The Cost of Health

Crisis Health Care is outrageously expensive. It costs over $50,000 a year to have dialysis (kidney filtering). A coronary bypass exceeds $40,000. $20-40,000 for a bowel surgery. $200-300,000 for organ transplants with 10’s of thousands of dollars per year, every year after (that’s if you can even get one). Then, of course, there is all of the lost dollars from lost work. But the real expense is not in terms of dollars and cents. The real cost of lost health is the life that is lost.

How do you put a price on time not spent with your family, on outings and good times missed because your body refused to let a good time happen? How do you put a price on upsets and damaged relationships caused from pain induced irritability and emotion? What about the promotion and advancement in life that never happens because normal becomes getting through the day, rather than giving that little bit extra that makes the difference? And how do you put a dollar value on incontinence or loss of libido or wearing a colostomy bag or enduring some other handicap for the rest of your life? These are the real costs of ill health.

Tragically, the vast majority of crisis health care cases can be avoided. Health is something that has to be constantly created. When you stop creating your health, it goes away. The common idea is that you just get or come down with different conditions. Well, you don’t just get most conditions or diseases. Unless there is a severe poisoning or accident. There is a gradual deterioration of your health. When your health has deteriorated far enough, then you get pain and symptoms. In truth, there is probably more distance from not having pain and symptoms to being healthy, than there is from pain and symptoms to no pain and symptoms. Yet people do what people do. As long as there is no pain or symptoms, one stops putting attention on their health, and it stops being created. Some people don’t change the oil in their car until it starts clunking or seizing up either!

Your body is actually pretty low maintenance. You have to give it a little bit of exercise, keep it out of bad environments, give it some good food and get out of its way so that it can repair itself. But you do have to give it maintenance. This is especially true when we expose it to unnatural environments and feed it unnatural foods. If a person wants to be healthy and avoid future heartbreak, the intelligent thing to do is to have regular checkups with Cause and Effect Muscle Testing, not just when you have symptoms or pain, but as a regular routine.


I’ll be the first to admit that taking supplements can be tiresome and I know that it isn’t always easy to arrange a busy schedule around regular appointments. When you put things in perspective however; a handful of supplements and a visit every few months or even every few weeks seems like quite a small investment to make for a healthy future. Most people take better care of their cars than they do their bodies as if for some reason their cars are more important.


The next time you consider canceling your appointment or discontinuing your Cause & Effect Muscle Testing care, please take a moment to reflect on the value of health. Smart is not always easy, convenient or popular and easy; convenient or popular is not always smart. Be smart and get regular CEMT checkups. It pays off in spades.


Dave Murdock D.C.


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