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Speculations On Cancer

There are many theories on cancer and even more theories on treatment. The simplicity of cancer is that the tissue develops cells that never mature, go out of communication and fail to stop dividing as they should. The tissue grows and grows and uses up valuable resources of the body and yet performs no useful function. This may continue until the body can no longer perform the functions necessary for survival and the body dies.


The cells and the tissue are basically displaying immature and selfish behavior that become out of control to the detriment of the entire organism. They are taking everything and giving nothing in return. Essentially, they are displaying criminal behavior. In most healthy life situations, criminal behavior simply is not tolerated. It usually is not in bodies either. This is evident in the fact that when cancer research is done, they make use of a special type of mouse called a nude mouse. This type of mouse has an immune system that is very weak. They are used because researchers cannot get cancer tumors to grow in mice with strong immune systems. One component of cancer has to be a weak immune system. Otherwise, the immune system will not let this type of cellular behavior occur.


What causes this abnormal cellular behavior in the first place? I suppose this would be the key question. There are many opinions. In the above example of cancer research, the mice with weakened immune systems are injected with chemicals to get the tumors to form. We have all heard the word carcinogen. Other researchers have found additional common factors. Lack of oxygen in the tissues is one. Others include incorrect acid-base balance, stagnant fluid flow, abnormal cell membranes, infectious agents and irregular electrical flows in the tissues.


Based on my limited knowledge and expertise in the area and drawing heavily from the book, “Cancer: Cause, Cure and Cover Up” by Ron Gdanski, this is my idea on what most likely happens. The cells of a tissue experience a hostile and dangerous environment. Cellular injury is a component of this as is lack of oxygen and nutrients, accompanying acid-base and mineral imbalance and a stagnancy of flow. In response to the hostile environment, the cells go out of communication and become confused. Cells in this state become open to communication and influence from other sources including viral and infectious organisms. These other sources influence the protein synthesis mechanism of the cells resulting in altered cellular membranes of the cells. The latest research is showing that the cellular membrane, not the DNA, is the most important factor with regards to regulating the behavior of a cell. The cells no longer respond properly to the normal controlling signals of the body and go out of control.


Reversing this would require:

1. A removal of the hostile environment. This would involve detoxification procedures to remove harmful chemicals and cellular toxins out of the body. It also would involve restoring the proper oxygen, acid- base and mineral environment to the area. Once the environment of the tissue is no longer perceived as hostile, it is now possible for the bad cells to come back into communication with the rest of the body.

2. Restoration of good communication to the affected area. This includes making sure that the nerves to the area are functioning correctly and that the nerves and hormonal messages to the area are correct. The more that the cells come back into good communication with the body, the easier it is for them to recognize    the non-survival (infectious organism) influences. Exercise, massage and anything that betters communication in the body as a whole is also helpful.

3. A building up of the body’s immune system and disease fighting mechanisms. The body can then kick out the harmful infectious organisms and also attack and destroy the bad cells. This would also include supporting the bodies’ enzyme systems so that the body is able to digest the abnormal tissue growth. Protein digestive enzymes are also particularly important.

4. Supplying the body with lots of whole organic food so that the damaged tissues are able to heal, replacing the old bad tissue with good functional tissue. That healing requires plenty of good sleep should also be kept in mind.

 5. Handling emotional and spiritual problems that may be interfering with the body and its healing.


In his taped lecture on Metabolic Cancer treatment, Dr. Nichol Gonzales gives four types of patients who do not recover from cancer. They are 1) the patient who is very afraid of dying, 2) the patient who has a hostile family member, 3) a patient who cannot settle on one doctor and 4) the patient who feels that classical credentials are most important when choosing a doctor.


A person in constant fear is always in flight/fight mode. When the body is in this mode, healing shuts down. A person who says “OK, I may die” and honestly looks at it and accepts that this is where he is at, has a much better chance of making it than someone who is in constant fear and is unable to confront the situation.


A person who has a hostile family member also has slim chances. Dr. Gonzales does not accept patients for treatment if there is a hostile family member.


The person going to multiple doctors or wanting to do multiple programs for the same condition is a problem patient. Dr. Gonzales claims that this is a sign that the person has so little faith that it is difficult for the person to get better. This includes faith in themselves.


Those who claim that classical credentials are the most important qualification in choosing a doctor may have trouble. Dr. Gonzales calls this “the myth of credentials”. Those most highly trained in classical medicine have no cure for cancer. This is not the place to go. Only alternative approaches are really having any success. He also quotes examples of how the greatest thinkers of all times had little classical education or horribly failed in the system. Examples are Charles Darwin, Louis Pasteur and Albert Einstein.


Cancer is the most feared of all conditions. As with all things, the more something can be understood, the more the fear goes away. The above is opinion and theoretical at best. Yet I hope there may be enough truth within to help make some of the fear go away with its reading. I do not treat cancer so I am not going to say, call if you have cancer. But, if you have concerns about cancer and wish to do your best at preventing cancer, call (260) 459-6160 (Ft. Wayne) or (773) 929-3964 (Chicago) for an appointment.

David A Murdock, DC


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