Natural Healing Through Specific Nutrition




If a person has a health condition or rather an ill-health condition that is not getting any better, it can usually be traced back to a physiological loop that is occurring in the body. A physiological loop is best explained by a simple example. Say a person has a pancreas that is not producing digestive enzymes properly. His food does not digest in the intestine as it should, instead of being broken down properly, it decays and produces an intestinal toxin. The intestinal toxins become absorbed in the blood with the food. The intestinal toxins in the blood poison or interfere with the pancreas function. So the pancreas does not produce digestive enzymes properly. Intestinal toxins are produced that poison the pancreas. A loop forms.


A malfunction causes a malfunction which can again cause the initial malfunction. It does not heal by itself. Loops require outside intervention to kick it out of the loop. Loops can be very simple or extremely complex. In chiropractic college, we were taught a very simple loop. The joints of the spine can become malpositioned. This interferes with the nerves that come out of the spine. Part of these nerves that are interfered with go to the muscles of the spine that hold the spine in proper position. So it does not correct by itself and needs help being positioned back in place to kick it out of the loop. Hence, there arose a need for the profession of chiropractic.


Another simple example of a loop involving the pancreas relates to blood sugar. In this example, there is nerve injury to the nerves that go to the pancreas affecting the portion which regulates the blood sugar. Nerves can’t heal if the blood sugar is abnormal. Consequently, the pancreases does not function correctly. Perhaps this is one of the reasons diabetes is very difficult to treat in most people. AIDS is another example. There is an infection in the system which handles infections that interferes with the ability of the body to handle the infection that is present.


Loops can also be extraordinarily complex. An infection in the blood causes a toxin in the blood, which affects the kidneys, which causes the kidney to lose minerals in the urine, that are needed for a specific detoxification process in the liver, of a metabolic product that affects the bone marrow, so the blood is weak which is why there is an infection in the blood. The point is that the malfunction is running in a circle. It is stuck. It is not getting better. It needs help to get out of the loop. Otherwise, common sense dictates that it would heal and go away. By addressing one or more of the points in the loop with the proper handling, you can kick the body out of this stuck circuit and it can get better. The more of these loops that can be addressed, the better and more efficiently the body functions and the healthier the person becomes. In other words, we are restoring balance. The official word for this in the world of physiology is homeostasis. The idea is to get the person back in balance by addressing key points in the stuck loops with the exact correct nutrition or structural correction that is needed so that this may occur. The good news is that once the loop is corrected and the balance is restored in the area that is addressed, you should not need to keep taking the special supplements or structural corrections. This, of course, assumes that the person is eating a healthy diet and that if structural damage has occurred, it is not impossible to be healed.


In addressing loops, it is not necessary to address or even to know all of the complexities involved. All that is necessary is to locate what needs to be done to restore the balance. This is the purpose of CEMT. If you have a chronic problem that is not getting better, contact the office at (260) 459-6160 (Ft Wayne) or (773) 929-3964 (Chicago).

David A Murdock, DC

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