Natural Healing Through Specific Nutrition

  Cause and Effect Nutritional Muscle Testing
                        and Communication

Communication is the most powerful thing in the universe. The only thing that comes close is that thing we call love. Love without communication, however, leaves loving only yourself which is not a great state of affairs to be in. According to Webster's dictionary, communication comes from the Latin word communicate meaning to share. Communication is the means by which we share "what is". Communication is what we use to co-ordinate our actions when we work with other people and things. Any team that communicates well will always win over a team that does not.

Cause and Effect Muscle Testing provides a means by which we can communicate with that inner or "innate intelligence" which is controlling and running our body. That there is an innate intelligence that is responsible for the growth, function and basic body activities is self evident. [Some people may feel more comfortable referring to this as the body's "Bio-computer.”] Constant conscious control of heart rate, acid-base balance, tissue oxygenation, hormonal levels and a myriad of other functions would be overwhelming. We'd be so busy just making our heart beat that we wouldn't have time to get anything else done. It is important for the person to realize that with Cause and Effect Muscle Testing, it is not the doctor evaluating the patient and telling him or her what is wrong. It is the "innate intelligence” of the body itself that is communicating. Until a person truly gets this he cannot appreciate the power of this technique and will lump it with all the other doctor "expert authority" methods.

No doctor has as much information and as much knowledge about the human body as the internal system that runs it every day. This stands true no matter how many big words are used, how many tests are run or how many thick books are read. By listening to this innate intelligence that exists within our body; and working with it to give it what it needs in order to correct malfunction and heal, we can create a powerful program capable of miraculous healing.

I realize that some may find it difficult to confront the fact that there is a “bio-intelligence” in their body that is separate from their own consciousness. Those who are very aware that they are a spiritual being, separate from their body, seem to have the least problem with this. Those who operate on the basis that they are nothing more than many chemical reactions occurring, seem to have the most problem with this. Many chemical and drug oriented doctors, scientists and psychiatrists fit into the latter category.

The true test of any technique is how well it works. The thousands of happy people who have understood the power of this technique, and used it to make themselves better, stand testimony to the effectiveness of CEMT and communication.

David A. Murdock D.C.

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