Natural Healing Through Specific Nutrition

Cleansing Reactions


Reactions are possible when giving people supplements and herbs for the purpose of healing. The most common of these is a cleansing reaction that accompanies the body, ridding itself of toxins. If the body decides to rid itself of 20 years of heavy metal poisons in one day for instance, the person probably isn’t going to feel well during the process. Should the body kill off infection at a rate that creates more pus and toxins than the lymphatic system, liver and kidneys can drain out, symptoms may be exacerbated. Teeth and ears require very careful supervision with regard to this because they are enclosed spaces. If there is too much pus created in these spaces, it can create pressure and a large degree of pain. The immune system support must not be given at a rate that will generate more debris than can be tolerated by the individual.

Sometimes nerves will kick out toxins and create hives and skin conditions. Often the nerves will “turn up” when this happens; meaning they become over sensitive to light, sounds, and smells.  Some people come into the office over-sensitive, their nervous system is turned up way too high (or over facilitated) to begin with. When this is the case, cleansing reactions also often become exaggerated and, interestingly enough, even the effects that the supplements and herbs have on the body become greatly exaggerated. I have had some patients that could only tolerate one drop of certain herbs. Most of these cases have internal brain regulatory problems that need correction. Some have been vaccine damaged. The catch is that they often need the product that’s causing the reaction in order to correct the internal brain problem that is causing the oversensitivity.

Sometimes you will have a patient with a stomach that cannot handle supplements. In this case you may have to treat the stomach first or at the very least give extra digestive support. Other patients have their own “special” organ that acts up. One may have a heart that flutters, another may not be able to sleep after taking certain products, some may get a headache.

With patients who are extra sensitive it is prudent to test the products that are recommended to them, against their weak area whatever it may be. When treating infection or immune system challenge, I always test the immune system products against the lymph drainage system to prevent reactions or at least keep them to a tolerable level. Chemical and heavy metal detoxification also should be tested against the lymph drainage on a routine basis. This ensures that the pus and debris will not be created at a rate greater than the body’s ability to eliminate it. It goes without saying that the patient needs to be aware that cleansing reactions may occur and that if there is a problem the cleansing can be slowed down to a rate where they will be okay with it.

When describing infections I use the fire and smoke analogy which goes like this. “Mrs. Smith, when you have an infection it is like having a fire in your body. This infection is creating pus and debris just like a fire makes smoke. The problem is, what happens when you put out a fire? You get smoke. You get more smoke than before. Well when you kill infection in your body, you are also creating more pus and debris. But you have to put out the fire or it never goes away. So what’s the solution? You have to put the fire out slowly and draw the smoke off while you are doing it. You have to kill the infection slowly and drain the pus and toxins away with blood and lymph cleaners. Should you have problems call me and I will tell you to take less of the infection killer and more of the smoke drawer and you will be fine”. If this is explained to the patients before they have reactions there is rarely any problem because they are told the truth that this might happen beforehand - and that there is a solution.

Actually patients that are undergoing cleansing reactions often get better quicker than those that do not, because their bodies are rapidly removing toxins. Most people, however, have to function in life and can’t afford to lose valuable work time. For this reason, a slower, more manageable removal is usually more acceptable.

Sometimes reactions are unavoidable, like when a nerve is healing for instance. Burning and tingling may be a part of the healing process. In order for toxins to get from the tissues to the point of excretion, they have to enter the blood on the way out. When these toxins are in the blood the person may feel tired and not at the top of their game. This may not be able to be totally avoided. It is, however, temporary and the way that the person feels once these toxins are out of their system, more than justifies a bit of temporary discomfort. CEMT is exceptional in that products may be tested against the patient’s lymphatic drainage system and weak points to determine the exact amount that the person can take so that they have the quickest forward progress, yet still have a program that they can do with no or a minimum of discomfort.

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