Natural Healing Through Specific Nutrition



Health occurs when all of the organs of the body are working together optimally. This involves each organ doing its job effectively and contributing to the organism as a whole. When any organ fails to do its job, it makes it more difficult for the rest of the organs to do theirs. You could picture the body as consisting of a web of interconnected organs that is functioning at a certain level. When one organ fails to do its job effectively, this can pull the entire web of organ interaction down to a lower level.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say that the kidney is malfunctioning. Because it is not doing a good job of detoxifying the blood, this makes the liver have to work harder because it now has to remove toxins from the blood, that are normally handled by the kidneys. Because poisons that are supposed to be going out of the kidneys are now going through the liver and intestines, the lining of the intestines is affected and the intestine is irritated and doesn’t work as well. Left over toxins in the blood that the kidney is supposed to be handling, also affects the nerves and nervous system and this is hard on many different organs. Because the kidney isn’t doing a good job of re-absorbing minerals, minerals are lost out of the urine. These minerals are necessary for the glands, nerves and muscles to work right, for energy production and for the digestion of food. Because the minerals are imbalanced; this now throws the acid/base balance of the body off so many chemical reactions do not work right, including those in the thyroid and in the immune system. And so on. The point is that one organ malfunctioning can affect the entire network of organs.


The opposite of this is true also. Improving the function of one organ can raise the level of all of the other organs. Improving the function of the liver, for instance, can make it so the kidneys don’t have to work as hard and kidney problems can disappear. Hence, we come across doctors that preach certain organs and systems as the cause of all body complaints. Most of us have heard of doctors that say it’s all because of the thyroid or it’s all blood sugar or everything is because the bowel is unhealthy or it’s always the liver or it’s the adrenals or pituitary hormones or digestive enzymes, you name it. The funny thing is, they are all right. Most of the time, if you fix that one thing it will lesson the stress on the other organs in the system enough to raise the overall function to a level where the person’s symptoms will go away. The truth is, it’s not all about any one organ. It’s about all of the organs, properly working together in a balanced state. The more balanced we can make the body, the more efficient it becomes, the more energy we have and the less good nutrition it takes to allow it to function well. Just as a car that is running out of balance wastes fuel, a body out of balance also seems to waste nutrition. By targeting an individual’s specific weak organs, we can help to raise the overall system to a new level of balance.


Many times at the office, I will see patients that need many supplements all of a sudden reach a point where they have need of hardly any. They have reached a state of balance at a higher level. This is indeed the goal. Incidentally, at this point, the patient will often complain about the supplements and the supplements may even start tasting bad. It is vital that the patient come in to be re-checked at this time, to verify if this has taken place.


Some may reach a balance point very quickly, but for the majority, several organs and systems may need to be addressed over the course of a year or more. In a small minority of cases, it may never seem like the amount of supplements want to go down to a very low maintenance number. Usually, in these cases, there are additional factors in the person’s life that need to be handled. In other words, they are attempting to handle with supplements things that need to be approached along other avenues. Mental and spiritual factors, lack of exercise, toxic environment, continued physical breakdown from unnatural working conditions, terrible diet and lack of sleep and rest, are examples of this. In these cases, the amount of stress placed on the body is so great that it is difficult to reach a rate of healing great enough to progress forward to a new level of balance. Until these other factors are addressed and handled, the person must resign themselves to taking enough supplements to keep the symptoms under control even though the body is really not functioning very efficiently.


The goal of our office is to help individuals get their body to the highest state of health possible through exact nutritional supplements and chiropractic care. By targeting the specific organs and systems in the body that are holding down this web of balance and correcting them, a new level of operation can be attained that leaves people with a wonderful sense of well-being. If this sounds interesting to you or one of your acquaintances, call (260) 459-6160 (Fort Wayne) (773) 929-3964 (Chicago) for an appointment.

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