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Mental Stress and the Body      



When people come in complaining of stress I see three things that regularly show up with regards to the body, when I test them. These of course are not the only things that show up, but they seem to be the most common. They are the adrenal glands, the thyroid and the heart. Though they are all very much related and indeed may show up together in different combinations, from years of clinical observation, they each appear related to a different type of stress.

The adrenal glands are related to the type of stress so common in today’s society, of constant hurry and rushing to get things done. Go, go, go, ---- I’m late, I’m late type of stress. Also they are related to a dangerous environment type of stress. If you look at the function of the adrenal glands which is to prepare the body to run or fight, this makes perfect sense. Of course everyone on earth will always experience this stress to some degree, however, when it becomes incessant without a break the adrenal glands become over worked and will show up when I test. When the adrenal glands cannot keep up with the demand placed on them, fatigue results. It becomes difficult to think straight. The skin dries and may become leathery. Fingernails may become brittle. Healing becomes impaired in general and the immune system doesn’t work as well. The heart may beat too fast or out of control and anxiety may develop easily. Sometimes the nerves will become oversensitive and you become jumpy or anxious and have difficulty going to sleep. The lungs may not function well. Weight and blood sugar may be affected, as well as blood pressure.

The thyroid gland appears to be related to having “too much on your plate”. A sort of “stop the world I want to get off”. It’s a “more motion than I can be comfortable with” type of stress in the environment. Also an inability to produce motion, appears to relate to this. A thyroid gland that is overworked or impaired can make you very tired. Sometimes an inertia or difficulty in getting started on things may develop. You may experience different degrees of feeling gloomy and have difficulty in focusing. That thought you are holding just slips from your grasp. The heart may pound or you may have difficulty catching your breath at times. Inappropriate weight gain or weight loss may manifest. Sometimes you may get headaches especially when accompanied by lack of sleep and heart involvement. Hair loss may be an issue. Stomach and bowel problems may accompany this as well.

The heart appears related to burdens and problems. Also sometimes losses and threats of loss. There truly is something to a “broken heart”. There are times when a loss can affect someone so badly that they feel that their heart cannot take it and their heart hurts. A weak tiredness is most commonly complained of, with a heart affected by stress. The person feels like they don’t have the strength to deal with anything and often would like to stay in bed all day, if they could get away with it. Related to this, a lack of necessary sleep seems to magnify these heart symptoms. A stressed heart may cause aggravated TMJ and jaw problems. Headaches and light headedness may be added to this. Tight trapezius shoulder muscles may be heart related. Water weight gain, swollen ankles and impaired digestion may occur. If bad enough you may get chest pain while routine heart tests show nothing wrong. This is because it is not caused by the arteries, valves or heart nerve conduction. Nonetheless it’s still the heart that needs nutritional help.

Of course the best solution to stress is to work with and remove the sources of stress in life. Become more organized and efficient. Effectively handle the people around you with good communication and understanding. Actively create a less “dangerous” and more hospitable environment. Address with proper spiritual counseling those things that need to be addressed so that such large effects are no longer produced on you and your body.

It is fortunate, nonetheless, that by giving these 3 main organs of the body extra nutritional support a person is able to withstand the effects of stress on the body better. Indeed if the heart, thyroid and adrenals happen to be weak at the onset, when stress does come into the picture, the person just doesn’t seem to have the necessary strength to properly deal with it. By making the adrenals, the thyroid and the heart as strong as they can be, you can help to fortify your body against the detrimental effects of most stress.

If you live life stress will come your way. It’s part of the game of life. We need to place everything we can muster in our arsenal to make it easier for us to cope. Proper nutrition is a very effective armament to make yourself stronger against the pressures of life. Cause and Effect Muscle testing can check the state of function of your heart, thyroid and adrenals to determine if nutrition is of benefit and exactly what each organ and gland requires for it’s optimal function. Correcting other areas of your body and removing pain will support your overall position of strength even further.

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