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Most feel uncomfortable with the idea that there is something that they can’t see or feel that may be causing a harmful effect on their body.  No one wants to be thought of as paranoid. Just because you can’t see it, however, doesn’t mean that it can’t cause you problems.  

There are many different types of radiation that you can be exposed to. Some produce more documented and obvious effects than others. The first type I am going to address is what is called ionizing radiation. This means that the energy wave associated with this radiation will knock off electrons from molecules that it comes into contact with. This causes the molecules to malfunction and also causes them to grab other electron particles from molecules around them. The result is cellular breakdown. This includes X-rays, gamma rays and cosmic rays. Nuclear fallout is also ionizing radiation. The body can handle a certain amount of ionizing radiation, but if it receives too much, it will cause problems. Ionizing radiation affects the most rapidly dividing cells first. This includes blood cells, stomach and intestinal lining cells, hair follicles and the sex glands. When cells divide, the DNA in the cells that is normally coiled and clumped together is unclumped and uncoiled so that the genetic material is exposed and more easily affected by the radiation. This is the same reason radiation affects genetic mutation.

Sources of ionizing radiation include too many X-rays, too much unprotected sun exposure, radon or radioactive particle over exposure and jet flight. Since ionizing radiation can be cumulative, the more history a person has of exposure, the less tolerance the body may have towards new exposure.

The other general types of radiation I will call field radiation. This refers to an electromagnetic field that is around a person and affecting the body. Examples would be areas next to high power electrical lines, cell phone tower electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic fields around appliances, television, computer monitors, faulty microwaves or old wiring in buildings and fields around the cell phones themselves. Recently, more and more research is suggesting that these electromagnetic fields can produce a harmful effect on the body over time. The term “electromagnetic pollution” has even been coined. The exact extent that these fields affect the body is still not very clear, though there certainly appears to be a threat here. The Environmental Protection Agency felt that there was enough evidence to draft a report recommending that electromagnetic fields be classified as a class B carcinogen, the same as formaldehyde, DDT, dioxins and PCB’s. Prudence suggests minimizing the time spent in these fields as much as possible. Muscle testing suggests that the glands and nervous tissue are most affected by this type of radiation.

A special type of radiation is associated with Nuclear Magnetic Resonance or MRI’s (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). This uses high intensity magnetic fields to get an internal picture of the body. This was long praised because it did not use ionizing radiation like X-rays or CT scans. Recently research has shown that MRIs also produce harmful effects. Muscle testing patients after recent MRIs usually shows a heart that needs help. Since the heart contains magnetic tissue this makes sense.

More times than not, when dealing with radiation, the problem lies on the resistance side of the equation, more than on the harmful stress side of the equation. Unless obvious unnatural exposure exists, many times patients simply need more vitamins and antioxidants or glandular support. Nevertheless, minimizing radiation exposure allows the body to function better, easier. Don’t get X-rays indiscriminately, keep sun exposure to a sane level and use radon testing if you suspect a problem. If you work in an environment involving X-rays or radioactivity, use badges that measure exposure. You can purchase a gauss meter on the Internet to screen your house for general electromagnetic fields. (A gauss is a unit of measurement for magnetic fields). Wiring in the house can be checked with a Grahm Stetzer meter. Use thin plasma screen computer monitors, sit back from the television and use ear pieces when talking for long periods of time on your cell phone.

Taking these simple, common sense preventive steps and determining the exact nutritional supplementation necessary to allow the body to deal with the type of radiation that you are exposed to, can make a significant difference in how the body feels. In certain select cases, constant exposure may not be enough to cause a severe problem, yet because the exposure is constantly above the tolerance level, the body never seems to be able to catch up. The result is that the person never feels good. Cause and Effect Muscle Testing can help ascertain if radiation may be affecting your body and set you on a nutritional program to make your body stronger against it.  If you suspect such a problem, call the office at (260) 459-6160 (Ft. Wayne) or (773) 929-3964 (Chicago).

Dr. Murdock

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