Natural Healing Through Specific Nutrition

Physical Injury

Physical injuries may be recent or they may be from a very long time ago and are still causing problems. Old injuries in the brain may be responsible for seizures for instance. Old injuries in the spine may keep the spine from staying aligned like it should. An amazing number of these old injuries will heal, at least to a level of competent function if the exact nutritional shortage is found and supplied in an abundance.

Some physical injuries, especially in the spine can create nerve interference. Whether this is from a direct electrical interference associated with a current of healing or whether it is from a blocked fluid flow in the area that affects the nerves it is hard to say but nerve interference and it’s effects are often found related with areas of physical injury in the spine. This can be present even though the spine may not need or want adjusting in the area.

Modern therapies are now including the treatment of scars to handle a wide variety of complaints. Scars, of course, are old skin injuries. Evidently scars can interfere with acupuncture meridian electrical flows and cause a host of symptoms.

When a person has a physical injury of any type, extra building blocks are needed to replace the damaged tissue. Proper nutritional supplementation is essential to restore the tissue back to where it was before the injury occurred, so that it can resume it’s normal function once more. Everyone has injuries. Thankfully the body has the ability to heal them if given the right specific nutrients in the right amounts.

Physical injury is pretty straight forward. The body was injured by something in the physical environment. We are usually talking about sprain/strain/bruise type injuries. Broken bones of course fit into this category also but while a broken bone shows up under the physical injury point when it is tested for, a physical injury point that shows some bone involvement doesn’t necessarily mean that the bone is broken. Technically speaking, subluxation and nerve injury are also types of physical injury. They are looked at separately because subluxation requires a specific structural correction, not just nutrition and nerve injury requires a difficult classification of supplement than sprain/strain/bruise type injuries.

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