Natural Healing Through Specific Nutrition

The Game of Health


Health is a game of stress vs. resistance. When the stresses that an organism is subjected to are greater than the resistance of the organism, the organism gets sick. There are several sources of stress and several avenues that will raise a body's resistance.

The main areas of stress are: 

Nutritional - Refined foods, white sugar, white flour, foods with bad fats, soda pop, preservatives, artificial flavorings, food colorings, drugs

Structural - Body injury and trauma, postural and work stresses, skeletal and joint misalignment

Environmental - Chemical toxins, heavy metals, radiation, virulent (infectious) bacteria and organisms

Mental and Spiritual - Upsets, harmful or immoral actions, uncompleted tasks, lack of integrity, problems, invalidations, people working against you, failures

The major avenues to increase resistance are:

Proper Nutrition - Proper diet, organic natural foods, whole food supplementation

Exercise - Cardiovascular and resistance exercise

Structural Alignment - Proper alignment of structural components of the body (joints, feet, spine, etc.)

Body Detoxification - Specialized nutrition to get toxins out of the body, cleansing procedures, sauna and sweating

Restoration & Strengthening of Body Communication- Removal of nerve interference, touching procedures, massage

Mental and Spiritual Procedures - Properly conducted religious counseling, good clean living, spiritual realizations, recognizing and handling stressful people, establishing clear goals and targets, taking responsibility for one's actions

All of the above stresses and avenues of resistance are not necessarily of equal weight with regards to health, however, all are important and should not be neglected.

If the mental and spiritual aspect, for instance, is not addressed when needed, the person often fails to do that which is necessary for their health and even when they do, they often don't attain the results that they otherwise would. The sane way to approach health is to do everything realistically possible to increase your body's resistance while decreasing your stresses to an acceptable level. Our office is unique in that it addresses all of these areas. Our avenue of approach is primarily in the area of exact, specific whole food nutritional supplementation and restoration of communication in the body through chiropractic care. In short, to be healthy one has to take responsibility for his body. The idea that someone else is going to make him or her healthy just isn't very realistic. One has to handle those things that need handled and do those things that need done.

Through Cause and Effect Muscle Testing, we can provide a very precise and realistic program that, when completed will allow you to get the best results possible anywhere.

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