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      Health and Symptoms     


Many people define health as the absence of symptoms. Nothing could be further from the truth. Symptoms do not happen to be a valid indicator of your state of health.

Year after year heart related incidents are the number one killer. In 40% of the cases of people who died, do you know what the first symptom was? Death. They keeled over and died. You hear it all of the time. Joe down the street never had a sick day. Just died of a heart attack. Was he healthy? I don’t think so.


Let’s take a look at another killer, cancer. What makes cancer so bad? It’s because by the time you get the symptoms, it’s often too late. The tumors themselves usually have no symptoms. Most of the symptoms come when the tumor gets so large that it presses on the other organs. You could be walking around right now with cancer and not know it because you don’t have any symptoms. Would you be healthy? I don’t think so.


A great deal of your symptoms actually come from actions that the body is taking to try to fix the problem. Inflammation is an example. Look up what inflammation is in a medical textbook. Inflammation is the body’s healing reaction. It is healing taking place. The area swells because fluids bathe the area to bring in building blocks for healing and to flush away damaged tissue and debris. It turns red because blood is going to the area to bring in oxygen and nutrients. It becomes hot so that the chemical reaction occur quicker and healing can occur faster. And there is pain so that you leave it alone so that it can heal. The problem really isn’t that it is healing. The problem is that there is something that is causing the area to need to be healed and healed and healed instead of just healing and going away. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to stop the healing without fixing what is causing it to need to be healed. Other examples include fever and diarrhea. Fever is a natural mechanism to kill bacteria and infection. Diarrhea and vomiting are steps that the body takes to get bad toxins out of the body. Rashes are usually toxins coming out through the skin.


Pain in general is like the oil light that comes on in the dashboard of the car to tell you that there is danger for your car. The pain is not the thing that is wrong. It is the red light warning system or alarm that tells you there is something that needs immediate handling. The classic approach to most pain is to take painkillers so that you can’t feel the pain. This would compare to putting a piece of electrical tape over the red oil light on your car so that you can’t see the annoying red light anymore and continuing driving. This is definitely not in the best interest of the car.


A dramatic example of how symptoms are often the body’s responses to fix problems occurred at a clinic in Ghana, Africa. In this area of the world measles is yet a deadly disease. With traditional medical treatment the clinic had a death rate of 35%. This treatment included sedatives, drugs to reduce fever, and drugs to stop coughing. When children were given no medication, however, and were allowed to cough and have fevers and other symptoms the death rate went down to 7%.


Today’s society is very symptom oriented. People want a magic pill that gives instant relief. But if you just suppress the symptoms without handling the cause before you know it you have a health crisis. These require many expensive drugs, diagnostic tests and radical solutions such as surgery. This makes doctors, surgeons and drug companies quite happy. Just because it is currently in vogue does not necessarily mean it is the wisest avenue of approach.


What is needed is a method of detecting and monitoring conditions in the body that is not based on symptoms. This is a strength of Cause and Effect Muscle Testing. Malfunction can be located and handled before it ever reaches the crisis stage. Conditions underlying the expression of symptoms can be isolated and corrected so that symptoms can go away naturally and stay away. In other words the body can truly heal. Remember at the root of the word health is heal.


No one likes to be miserable. No one likes to be in pain. This is understood. However, the best healing approach would allow the pain and symptoms to go away, while healing the underlying problem. Or even better, one that detects malfunction and handles the problem before the symptoms even have a chance to develop. Cause and Effect Muscle Testing with applied nutrition is the best approach that I know of that has the power to do this. If you or anyone you know have a desire to truly be healthy, don’t hesitate to call the office for an appointment.



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