Natural Healing Through Specific Nutrition

                                        Crisis Care


There is one area where Modern Medicine is and always will be needed and that is the area of crisis care. When bodies are physically broken and need to be put back together modern medicine knows no equal. The reconstruction and lives saved are nothing short of miraculous.

There are also those whose health has been horribly neglected for so long that they have passed the point of no return and must make do as best as possible with any means available. Some have entered a condition of danger where the normal corrective mechanisms of the body are failing and the body must be bypassed with drugs in order to keep the person alive so that other methods even have a chance to work.

Modern Medicine is appropriately directed at crisis care. It is the M.D.'s job. Medical care is often the proper solution for a danger situation. Using crisis procedures such as drugs as preventative methods (as if using drugs is a normal activity) is not a proper solution however. Equally so, it is not good methodology to wait around until people enter a crisis state before addressing the situation. John Denver gave the analogy once of Modern Medicine comparing to standing around at the base of a cliff with an ambulance and medical equipment waiting for people to fall off the cliff. People should be kept from falling off the cliff in the first place. Crisis care is not health care.

I’m glad we have our medical doctors. My whole protest is based on treating crisis care as the normal. Things should be addressed and fixed in the body before the body reaches a state of crisis. Furthermore, crisis care type treatment should not be applied unnecessarily or prematurely. When your first response to malfunction is to use drugs, you are skipping ahead too far. In my opinion 80% or more of most body malfunctions can be handled alternatively with natural methods. Drugs and surgery should not be the first resort. They should be the last resort. My protest lies with the fact that the majority of people are doing things in the wrong order. Do the most natural, least harmful methods first, them proceed to the more harmful, more drastic or irreversible methods if you have no choice.

When you bypass the body’s normal activities with a drug and it is not a proper danger situation you will eventually create a danger situation in the body. Should the body be in a danger situation that requires outside intervention in the form of drugs, the next step should be to handle what was causing the danger situation in the first place, then get the person off the drug which is now no longer necessary. We rarely see this occur. Continually bypassing the body’s natural activities with drugs makes it difficult for the body to ever truly be out of danger. Yet this is treated as the normal.

Once a surgery is done, it is done. It’s very hard for an organ to work normally in the body after it is removed from the body. After a surgery the body is never quite the same as it was before the surgery. Malfunction should be addressed and fixed in the body long before surgery becomes an option. In order to do this you have to constantly create your health. A major reason this is so often not done is because we have been brought up to relate the state of our health with our symptoms.

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