Natural Healing Through Specific Nutrition




Drugs work by either mimicking or blocking a natural chemical that the body produces. If they didn’t do this, they wouldn’t work. This is true of both street and medical drugs. The problem is, if you look in a reference text, there is another word which describes almost the exact same mechanism. The word is poison. With this in mind, we can see that the use of drugs is inherently dangerous.

There are times, without question, when drugs are necessary. This includes danger situations where the person is realistically in danger of dying if there is no outside intervention. The proper thing to do, however is, once the body is stabilized, you handle the underlying malfunction which caused the danger condition to occur, then get the person off of the drug. Unfortunately, this rarely seems to happen in the world of medicine. In fact, most are kept on the drug indefinitely. Consequently, a reversion to a normal healthy condition never occurs. In most cases the body never truly seems to get out of danger.

Other situations that seem to warrant drugs are genetic disorders or organs that have worn out or sustained permanent damage. In my opinion, both of these are terribly overplayed. Many conditions are claimed to be genetic in origin but very few of these have actually had an associated gene located that is related to the condition. Instead it is said that they have “familial tendencies” which simply means that it tends to run in the family. This could mean a lot of things other than a genetic disorder. Furthermore, in most of these conditions, the person doesn’t have the condition throughout their life but rather develops it at some point in life as they get older. Did their genes change? Of course not. There must be some other factor that is now allowing the condition to express itself, that wasn’t present before. If this is found and corrected, many of these labeled “genetic” conditions will revert to normal. As far as worn out or “permanently” damaged organs are concerned, all I can say is that it never ceases to amaze me the amount of healing that occurs in the body when it is given exactly what it needs.

Another pitfall of taking drugs to control symptoms is the fact that sometimes the symptoms being treated are the body’s way of compensating for a deeper problem. For instance, a higher blood pressure could be a compensation mechanism occurring due to a lack of the proper amount of oxygen reaching the brain. If the compensations are taken away without addressing the malfunction underneath, other serious problems could develop or worsen. Somewhat related to this is the idea of taking drugs to stop pain without fixing what is causing the pain. This compares to putting tape over the oil light on your car so that you can’t see it is on without doing anything to handle the cause of the low oil pressure in the engine. You’re just asking for a big problem later on. And think about it. Do you really believe that the reason you have the pain is because you happen to have a lack of that drug in your bloodstream?

And finally of course, there is the well known topic of side effects. One study made claim that drugs were the fourth largest cause of death in the U.S. This is not insignificant. The problem is that drugs are really not specific for certain organs or tissues like the impression is often given. The drug for your stomach, for instance, doesn’t just go to your stomach. It goes throughout your entire body and affects every single cell that has a similar receptor site. You may want your stomach acid turned down but do you really want the function of your liver, gallbladder, small and large intestines, pancreas and kidneys also turned down? Sorry but it’s a package deal. To top it off, many drugs are transformed in the body into biotoxins which are more toxic than the original chemical.

It may sound like I’m being unreasonably hard on people who are using drugs. I suppose I am. I do understand that there are circumstances where drugs are justified. I feel that they are grossly overused, however, when other more sensible and natural approaches are available that work. I don’t think that I would be stretching anyone’s imagination too far if I say that the extraordinarily high profit ratio from the sale of drugs may have something to do with this overuse.

In my practice, the correction of health conditions, many of which are severe, is commonplace without the use of drugs. This is accomplished by pin-pointing the exact underlying malfunction and handling it with good nutrition and structural alignment so that one’s health is reclaimed. This is as it should be and is as nature intended.


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