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Parasitic infections are very common in individuals today though they are rarely detected by ordinary medical procedures. I have heard some sources make the claim that “everyone” has parasites. I don’t believe that this is true but I do know that these estimates differ drastically depending on how the term parasite is defined. Some sources define parasite as any organism in the body that is not a native human cell. This would include bacterial infection, yeast and viruses in addition to worms and microscopic animals called protozoa. Some only call worms parasites. Then of course there all of the in-betweens. In my office I generally reserve the term parasite for worms or protozoan-like organisms.


The majority of parasites reside in the intestines where they thrive on improperly digested food. Toxins produced from these organisms can cause terrible problems. When the body absorbs food from the intestines into the blood and lymph it also absorbs these parasite toxins. These toxins in the blood can cause bad headaches, thyroid and adrenal gland problems, lung and heart conditions, pancreas and hormone problems, dry joints and skin, rashes and skin eruptions, vision difficulties, dizziness and liver and kidney overload. Parasite poisons may also affect the lining of the intestine itself causing the gut to “leak” food particles into the rest of the body that are not normally there.

Many food allergies are related to this. The body treats these abnormal food particles like it does foreign protein associated with bacteria or other infections and you get inflammation reactions.

Just as bacteria and viruses are all around us so are parasites and their eggs. They are in the soil, under the fingernails, in fruits and vegetables, and in fish & meat. The reason most get parasites isn’t because they ingest them or come into contact with them. They usually end up with parasites because of a malfunctioning body which allows internal conditions to exist that are favorable for parasitic growth. “Fertile soil” in other words.


In my clinical experience, I have found two main reasons why people get parasitic infection. The first is improper digestion of food. This is from malfunctioning digestive organs (stomach, pancreas, liver, gall bladder, and small intestine) which fail to produce digestive juices as they should or from so much bad food in bad combinations that the digestive organs cannot produce enough juices to keep up. Normally, the digestive juices kill the parasites and provide an inhospitable environment that prevents them from growing. The second reason has to do with the normal electrical field of the body produced around the nervous system. This electric field has a lot to do with maintaining a normal immune response to infection and parasites. If a person seems to have trouble ridding him or herself of parasites despite treatment of digestive organs or is prone to repeated episodes then look to the nervous system and the heart, it's principal electrical charger.


A unique thing about parasites is that they are usually most active at night. This is possibly because the digestive organs are least active at night. Consequently, many conditions with night time or early morning symptoms can ultimately be traced back to parasites. This includes sinus and joint problems and morning fatigue.

As the medical field appears to be lacking an accurate technology for detecting and handling parasites it is necessary to go elsewhere for an accurate assessment. Cause and Effect Muscle Testing can accurately detect malfunctions resulting in parasitic infections and help determine the precise handling necessary to balance the body and expel these terrible disease causing nuisances. Everyone should be checked to see if they have parasites. Call (260) 459-6160 (Ft. Wayne) or (773) 929-3964 (Chicago) for your appointment.



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