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Memory and Mental Clarity

Memory and mental clarity obviously appear to be related to the brain and nervous system. We could have a philosophical debate about thought, thinking and mental pictures and whether these are all located in the brain or not but for the purpose of nutritional handling I think it’s fair to say people who have problems with the brain and nerves seem to have a more difficult time with memory and focus.

There are many things that can help the brain. Because it is nervous tissue the same things that affect the nerves also may affect the brain. The nerves need three main things to fire 1) minerals and 2) glucose (sugar) and 3) oxygen. They also require other things for structural and functional mechanics and repair.

The brain is very electric and requires charged particles called ions to function. These charged particles come from minerals, primarily sodium and potassium but also calcium and magnesium and others in lesser amounts. Anything that affects minerals may also affect the brain. If the body has a lack of minerals because there is not enough in the diet it can affect the brain. This includes sodium from lack of salt. If minerals are low because the body is urinating out minerals through the kidneys it can affect the brain and mental function. Likewise if the body is losing minerals through the intestines. If the hormones are incorrect even though there are plenty of the correct minerals in the body, they may not be in the proper places and may not be able to be utilized properly by the brain. This can include sex hormones, adrenal hormones, thyroid, pituitary and parathyroid hormones.

If your sugar is low it also affects brain function. The brain burns sugar to create the energy required for the nervous tissue to function . Sugar can be low in the brain with both low blood sugar and high blood sugar. With high blood sugar or diabetes the reason that the blood sugar is high is because it is not getting out of the blood into the tissues where it is needed. Low sugar is usually a pancreas problem but it can also be a problem with the thyroid gland adrenals or pituitary gland.

In order to burn the sugar in the brain for energy the brain requires oxygen. If oxygen reaching the brain is low it dramatically affects brain function. This may be low if there are certain free radicals or toxins that capture and use up the oxygen but more commonly oxygen may become low if blood flow to the brain is compromised. Plaquing and hardening of the cerebral arteries is a factor with this. Lack of proper blood flow to the brain can cause blood pressure to be high to compensate. The body is trying to get necessary oxygen to the brain. Glibly giving a person blood pressure medicine may cause a worsening of a persons mental function in a case like this.

The brain and nerves also require amino acids for neurotransmitters and nerve healing. Essential fats and cholesterol are necessary for the membranes and the wrapping that is around the neurons in the brain. Cholesterol medication can affect the brain and memory negatively for this reason. Statin cholesterol medication also block all steroid hormones including the adrenal hormones and sex hormones. Nerves require copper, zinc, chromium and trace amounts of silver in order to heal as well.

Lack of water can create problems with memory and focus as can anything that causes headaches and pain. Lack of sleep wears down the nervous system and can make things difficult.

Injury to the brain can affect brain function. This is an obvious statement sometimes old injuries that didn’t seem to affect the person previously may be a significant factor later on when other factors that support the brain and nerves are no longer functioning at the same level that they used to.

Allergies to certain chemicals as well as heavy metals can affect brain function. Monosodium glutamate is notorious for affecting the nervous system negatively. It is a common flavor enhancer. Heavy metals are often quoted in alternative medicine literature as related to Alzheimers (Heavy metals are like lead, mercury, or arsenic that act as poisons). The prime suspect for heavy metal poisoning in the brain is vaccination. Vaccinations have used mercury (in the form of thimiserol) and aluminum hydroxide for years. Ordinarily there is a membrane barrier around the brain that keeps heavy metals out of the brain. When heavy metals are injected directly into the blood along with biological based immune system insults this membrane barrier opens up as part of the immune response. This allows the heavy metals to go into the brain. Dr. Fudenberg who is one of the world’s leading immunologists conducted a study and found out that those who received 5 consecutive yearly flu shots had 10 times more chance of developing Alzheimers disease.

In order to determine what each individual needs to fix in order to help their memory and mental clarity is not always easy. It may be helpful to also look at the other symptoms that the patient is also experiencing. With low blood sugar for instance it will be worse when the person has not eaten for a long time. With mental problems associated with the thyroid gland the person most often describes an inability to hold a thought in place. Sometimes they will forget what they were doing or wonder why they walked into a room. People with adrenal gland problems often will describe a condition of getting “stuck” with their thoughts. Constipation of the brain has been used to describe it.

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