Natural Healing Through Specific Nutrition

Condition of the Skin


In order to have nice skin and a good complexion you have to be quite healthy.  Unfortunately for our vanity the body simply doesn’t place how the skin looks as a high priority. This can be frustrating if there is a specific spot or condition that you are trying to handle. Because the skin is treated with a lower priority than internal structures and organs, if there is something that requires the same nutrients as the skin, the internal structures usually end up with it. As a result to treat skin conditions sometimes you have to supply enough nutrients to completely satisfy all the internal organs before the body finally gets around to handling the skin. In fact, past a certain age the body may even take nutrients out of the skin to use for internal functions as the body become less efficient.  Seniors may end up with thinner skin, easily visible veins and of course lots of wrinkles. Maintaining a good state of the skin overall requires good general nutrition overall.

Individual lesions, warts, bumps, lipomas, and cysts usually do not show up on routine muscle testing screen. The body just doesn’t seem to care. For this reason you need to test those spots directly. Most of the time there is an infection in the area that needs to be addressed. Some may be addressed internally with nutrition as well as externally with topical treatments. Usually the skin also has something that is weakening it that is allowing the infection to be present.

Rashes are usually a problem with a toxin in the blood that is coming out through the skin or a problem with the nerves that are kicking out a toxin. Sometimes the nerve facilitation is very high as is the case with most hives.

Shingles of course are related to a virus in the nerves which expresses along the pattern of the dermatome (area of the skin that the nerve supplies). You can have other infections in nerves that make the skin weak and prone to problems. Localized acne, especially the cystic kind, usually has a nerve involvement either from infection, injury or subluxation.

Some skin conditions have multiple factors. Psoriasis for instance, may be from a bowel toxin which is coming out through and weakening the skin along with a secondary infection (unknown infection) in the skin itself that then manifests mostly along areas of weak nerve supply. There may also be an infection in the joints which is causing a toxin that is exiting the skin. You have to muscle test for the causes.

Hair loss is classically associated with thyroid, but can also be related to a lack of a prostate enzyme, a pancreas malfunction and/or infection in the follicles. Often there are multiple factors. Then of course there is the genetics factor in males. This gene by the way comes from the mothers side, not the fathers (it is on the X chromosome, not the Y). If you are male, you need to look at your wife’s father and relatives, not your own.

Normal hormones are very important for normal skin, Once again hormones are responsible for getting what you have in your body to the right place. Many hormone imbalances may result in skin discolorations and lack of normal skin integrity.

It is an ultimate irony that many things that are used topically to make our skin look better are actually not good for the skin. The best solution is of course to use the most natural products that are available.

If we break it down, in order to have good skin we have to have excretory organs that are properly removing toxins so that they are not exiting through and harming the skin.  We have to have good nerve supply to the skin so that the skin itself is able to function well and becomes strong. We have to have a strong immune system in order to keep viruses and other infectious organisms out of the skin along with the resultant warts, moles, lesions and discolorations.  We have to have good hormones that allow for proper nutrition in the proper balance to reach and permeate the skin.  We have to keep harmful irritants and toxins from affecting the skin. Finally we need to have enough good nutrition in enough variety to ensure that non optimal condtions in the skin are not tolerated as O.K. in order that more vital internal organs are able to function.   

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