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The Parathyroid Gland


There are actually 4 very small parathyroid glands, not just one, that are set in the lobes of the thyroid gland in the neck. The parathyroid glands secrete a hormone (called parathyroid hormone of course) that regulates the calcium in the blood and in the tissues. The parathyroid hormone raises the calcium in the blood. This is opposed to calcitonin hormone (that’s produced by the thyroid gland) that lowers the calcium in the blood. Because it is so important in calcium balance the parathyroid gland has an affect on other calcium related tissues and organs. It causes calcium to be retained by the kidneys so a parathyroid problem can also affect the kidneys. It also affects the bone and causes bone resorbtion in order to release calcium from the bone into the blood. Additionally, it causes increased calcium absorption from the intestine.

There are two vitamins, D and F that are also related to blood calcium. Vitamin D causes calcium to go into the blood so the less Vit D available the harder the parathyroid gland has to work. Vitamin F causes the calcium to go out of the blood into the tissues. (Vitamin F is actually a form of fatty acid that was originally labeled as a vitamin.) You need both D and F. Sometimes high calcium in the blood is treated by removal of the parathyroid gland and calcium restriction in the diet. Even though the calcium in the blood is too high the tissues are usually starving for calcium. Often if the person takes Vitamin F the calcium will return to normal without the surgery.

If the parathyroid gland is not functioning properly the calcium balance in the body is askew. This can have far ranging effects. Since the parathyroid is a regulating gland it can be over producing or under producing in regard to normal calcium regulation. Calcium function is vital for proper nerve and muscle function, digestion, immune system, joints, heart, blood pressure, detoxification and hormone balance to name a few. Fixing the parathyroid gland alone can sometimes make a person who feels like they are falling apart everywhere pull back together to their old self.


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