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Sex Hormones

Sex and Future go together.  Sex hormones are responsible for putting the future there. Sex hormones are responsible for preparing the body for the sex act and for the producing of babies-- bodies in the future. This includes the development of secondary sexual characteristics, body hair and sex organ development. It also includes egg production, preparation of the uterus to receive and nourish the egg and preparation of the sex organs for the sex act itself. Libido is of course a part of this. Since the body relates sex hormones to the future, if sex hormones are low, the person may end up feeling depressed and tired--no future. It may work both ways. If the person thinks they have no future in the long run they may have low libido.

One can tell if a person’s sex hormones have been in good shape by the attractiveness of their form. Children’s bodies with regards to their basic frame and form are pretty much the same. At adolescence they change into forms that are more appropriate to the different roles played from a genetic history point of view. The man develops broad shoulders and stronger muscles appropriate for defense and offense. In the animal world, the better fighters ended up with the more optimal females. Females develop breasts and hour glass figures with broader hips for child bearing and to help support toddlers carried on the hips. These changes occur during adolescence with the idea that the person will have a better future for themselves and the continuation of their body line if they have these characteristics. A healthy body has good hormones and is generally attractive in form.

The main sex hormones that we hear about are estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. Estrogen, the female hormone primarily produced by the ovaries, has several active forms, some producing a more powerful effects than others. In the past, pharmacologically produced estrogen replacement therapy was heavily promoted until it was found to raise the incidence of cancer dramatically. Bio-identical preparations of estrogen and progesterone and testosterone are now available if all else fails, however the best solution by far is to correct imbalances by repairing the glands. To do this we need to fix what is interfering with their proper function. Any of the basic causes of disease may affect the glands. It is worth noting that testosterone hormone (testicular hormone) breaks down into estrogen. If a guy who thinks he needs more testosterone to become more “manly” ends up taking too much testosterone he may end up growing breasts.

The ratios of hormones may be more important than the total amounts of sex hormones present. John Lee M.D. was a pioneer in the importance of progesterone/ estrogen ratios. He found that often a woman’s overall estrogen was lower than normal; however, giving them estrogen could actually make them worse. This was because, even though overall estrogen was low, the amount of estrogen related to the amount of progesterone was still too high. What the patient actually needed was more progesterone to have relief from hormonal imbalance symptoms.

Progesterone is thought of as a female hormone because it is vital in the uterine lining during the menstrual cycle. Progesterone, however is actually a precursor to many different hormones including the adrenal gland hormones. The adrenal glands, by the way, are organs that produce more estrogen than any other organ except the ovaries. This may be a reason why women in the United States seem to suffer much more from menopause symptoms than many other countries. After menopause, the ovaries stop producing estrogen and the brunt of the task falls on the adrenal glands to produce the estrogen. In the rapid, no down time, late night lifestyle of most women in the US, by the time they reach menopause their adrenals are pretty much exhausted. The adrenals are in no shape to pick up the slack when the ovaries stop producing estrogen and they end up with all sorts of menopause symptoms including hot flashes, irritability, and  insomnia.

Sex hormones and their balance appear to have an important role to play in overall maintenance and healing of tissues and nerves in general. You could say the sex hormones help put a body in the future, both new ones and the one you are currently in. The better balanced the hormones are, the better your body is in the future. Anti-aging has a great deal to do with hormones. When healing is needed it is often those supplements that support the hormones that are the ones required to do the job. Nerves especially require hormonal support. Chaste tree berry for instance is wonderful for healing nerves, male or female. If you look it up on the internet it always comes up for treating female problems, much to the dismay of some males who do not understand how wonderful it is for healing nerves also.

The prostate gland also affects hormones. Either the prostate produces hormones that are not known or publicized or the lack of correct prostate functioning can cause the other sex hormones from properly doing their jobs. If the prostate is not functioning it can affect the blood, healing, calcium metabolism, the nerves, cell membranes and the brain. The most common symptom I hear when a man has prostate symptoms is that they are irritable. It could be a physical thing with the prostate or it could be hormonal. Grumpy old men almost all have prostate involvement.

Sex hormones need to be properly produced and balanced by the body in order for a person to look good and feel good. Replacing hormones that are lacking from outside sources is a partial solution at best. Hormones in general require a constant balancing act. This is not possible if the glands are not functioning properly. This requires proper nutrition in the proper amounts and removal of those things that are interfering with the proper function. If this is properly addressed with CEMT most people are able to retain their hormones at a balanced state without outside intervention. Call 260-459-6160 (Fort Wayne) if you feel your hormones may be out of balance.


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