Natural Healing Through Specific Nutrition



The pancreas has two separate and vital functions. The first is to produce digestive enzymes and the second is to produce hormones that regulate blood sugar. The pancreas is one of the prime enzyme producers in the body. Many indigestion problems, though expressed through stomach symptoms, actually originate in the pancreas. If the pancreas is malfunctioning to a degree and the person’s overall energy is low, the person may experience extreme tireness. As with any digestive organ, if the pancreas is not functioning well with regards to producing digestive enzymes, there is a very good chance that the person will also have intestinal toxins.


The main pancreas hormone that we hear about is insulin. Insulin regulates blood sugar. It makes the amount of sugar in the blood become lower. It does this by allowing the sugar to pass out of the blood and into the cells where it is used for energy. People with pancreas hormone problems have energy problems. Insulin also tells the body to turn sugar into fat. The popular low carb diets are based on keeping insulin production at a constant low level. The pancreas also produces other hormones, notably glucagon, which is insulin’s opposite. It raises sugar in the blood. You can see that sugar and fat metabolism are closely related. It is very difficult to lose weight if the pancreas is malfunctioning.

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