Natural Healing Through Specific Nutrition


                                              The Spleen   

The spleen has two main functions. It maintains blood quality and plays an important part in immune system function. The spleen maintains blood quality by cleaning toxins out of the blood, recycling and conditioning red blood cells and helps blood components and minerals to stay in proper suspension.


The spleen will often show up as needing help when the body has been poisoned by toxins of a more biological nature. This would be from such things as bug bites, poisonous plants, food poisoning, toxins from parasites and sometimes vaccinations. Possibly this is because a lot of biological based poisons have larger organic molecules that require some immune system help to break them apart and to process them for elimination.


A more recent stress on the spleen has surfaced in the form of genetically modified foods.  You apparently have to have a well functioning spleen to deal with these types of foods. If the spleen is not dealing with these properly different symptoms may manifest, usually not bad enough to make you "sick" but bad enough to keep you from being well.

A properly functioning spleen helps to back up the liver. It can also help to prevent some causes of stroke. It can become very much enlarged with certain types of blood and bone marrow conditions. Rarely directly treated in the medical community, it nonetheless can make a dramatic difference in a persons state of health when it is properly supported nutritionally.







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