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The simple pleasure of life in a body includes breathing. In fact, it is the most common check that life does exist in the body. “Is he breathing?”. The Eastern practitioners put great stock in breathing practices and it is connected intimately to energy flow.  Recent research has shown that breathing capacity, not circulatory system status, provides the best overall predictor as to how long you are going to live.


The bulk of the organs and tissues in the body are centered around the goal of producing motion in the environment and in creating the energy necessary for the motion of the body. This energy comes from burning food. In other words, combining food with oxygen. The lungs are the body’s method of providing the blood and internal body with the oxygen from the air. Concurrently, the lungs rid the body of gaseous metabolic waste, especially carbon dioxide.


None of this is news and is very elementary. However, there are some relationships that might be of interest. The lungs, for instance, are a major regulator of acid/base balance in the body. When you exercise for a length of time, the muscles produce lactic acid. The lactic acid becomes converted to carbon dioxide and then goes out of the lungs to return the acid level of the body to normal. Because of this, if there is something else that is throwing the acid base balance of the body off, such as a kidney malfunction or a calcium regulator problem, the lungs can be affected negatively. The person feels like they cannot get all of the carbon dioxide out of their lungs.


Lung infections are relatively common. Most colds and flus are referred to as respiratory tract problems. If a person has a particularly nasty infection that fills the lungs up, suspect an infection is in the blood as well (whether it can be lab tested or not). If there is an infection in the blood, the resulting pus and toxins will fill up the drainage systems so that the pus and toxins from the infection in the lungs have nowhere to go. This will cause abnormal fluid in the lungs or sinuses. A similar result can happen if the person also has a parasite or toxins in the bowel.


Asthma presents a separate problem. Asthma usually involves a problem with the nerves to the lungs. It can be a direct problem such as an unknown infection affecting the nerves, nerve damage, subluxation or a chemical affecting the nerves, or it can be a regulation problem where the nerves are far too sensitive to allergens and over react. In the latter case, the energy around the nerves is often very high and sometimes there is a problem with a regulation center in the brain.


Pleuritis is a word meaning that the membrane surrounding the lungs is inflamed. This usually hurts when you move. Dryness of the membrane is most often associated with this condition. Just as with other areas of the body, dryness comes from two main things. The first is lack of minerals. Fluids follow minerals. You can think of minerals as pulling fluids into an area. If an area is lacking the proper minerals, it will be dry. Sometimes the body has plenty of minerals, the minerals are simply not in the right place. In this case, the hormones are not doing their job. The other main reason for dryness is too much pus or toxins. Pus and toxins around an area will pull fluid out. So it is a matter of not enough minerals in an area to pull the fluids in or too much pus and toxins outside of the area that are pulling the fluids out.


Emphysema is another common problem where the actual lung tissue itself becomes broken down over time. Smoking is the most common factor with this. The best thing to do is to remove the chemicals that are breaking down the tissue. Stop smoking and give the body the best nutrients possible to build the tissue, such as pneumotrophin and emphaplex.


Sometimes, shortness of breath is related to the heart and the heart needs to be treated instead of the lungs. Liver congestion and kidney and lymph back up can also cause problems with the lungs.


In short, though the function of the lungs seems simplistic, there are many things that can go wrong. Of course, there are other things that can go wrong with the lungs not mentioned here, but the important thing is to locate the underlying factors and handle them appropriately. Cause and Effect Muscle Testing is a valuable tool in accomplishing this. If you need a breath of fresh air, call (260) 459-6160 (Ft. Wayne) or (773) 929-3964 (Chicago) for an appointment.


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