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 Food Allergies

Food allergies are quite common. Some are short term, some have been present in bodies for years. These may be allergies to one food or to several different foods. Allergies usually create histamine type responses such as tiredness, dry eyes and achy joints but may also effect other parts of the body as well. The reason most food allergies are present involves an intestinal lining that is not properly performing its duties. The role of the intestinal lining is to take what qualifies as “good” particles into the body while keeping the “bad” out.

With a food allergy, particles of food are passing through the intestinal lining that have not yet been properly processed for normal absorption. Food particles pass through the intestinal wall into the blood and lymph prematurely. Because these particles have passed into the body before they have been properly broken down and completely processed, the body treats the food particles in the blood and lymph like foreign proteins, the same way it would treat a virus or bacteria, for instance. This starts histamine responses associated with many allergy type symptoms and other immune type responses. The person often becomes very tired after eating and may feel bloated. They may even feel some swollen lymph nodes in the abdominal area. Res pones may be triggered in glands or organs that differ with each individual. The thyroid as an example, may be affected by a specific food. If a specific food is targeted, or even if certain immune responses are addressed to handle the food allergy but the intestinal lining is ignored, the person usually ends up with allergies to a different food or has a different immune reaction a little later.

The good news is that in most cases when the intestinal lining is healed the food allergy will go away. The intestinal lining can be affected by several things. Because of the rapid turnover rate of these lining cells, anything that slows growth and healing may play a part in a weak intestinal lining. This includes weakness or inflammation of the adrenal glands, the thyroid gland, sometimes the prostate or ovary and especially the pituitary gland, which produces growth hormone. The lining may be damaged from food poisoning or eating too much old food (sort of a mini food poisoning).

Certain antibiotics can destroy the intestinal lining as can heavy metals and certain chemicals. Abnormal, bad bacteria or infectious organisms may affect the lining. If the nerve supply to the intestine is interfered with the lining won’t heal as well as it should and problems may be created. In short you have to go back to see which of the basic causes of disease is interfering with the normal state of the intestinal lining and handle it. When you do most food allergies go away.

Correcting the lining of the intestine requires finding the cause of the intestinal problem, balancing the hormones and supplying the proper nutrition for the healing of the intestinal lining. Of course it is advisable to stay away from the food that you are allergic to in the meantime to keep symptoms at a minimum. It is true that some have intolerances to certain foods based on genetics or other factors. These individuals may have no choice but to exclude the problem foods from their diet. There are an amazing number of people however who, 1) Have allergies to certain foods that can be corrected and 2) Have allergies to certain foods that are causing tiredness and body imbalances and don’t even know it.

With Cause and Effect Muscle Testing we can tell the condition of your intestinal lining and test for certain common food allergies. More importantly we can recommend a specific regimen to fix them. Associated tiredness, depression, joint pain, bloating and other symptoms disappear. If you have reason to suspect you might have a food allergy or wish to see if your allergy symptoms might be correctable call (260) 459-6160 (Ft. Wayne) or (773) 929-3964 (Chicago) for an appointment.

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