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A migraine headache is a special type of headache in which a blood vessel in the head goes into an uncontrolled spasm. Associated with this is intense pain. There may be visual disturbances or ‘auras”, sensitivity to light, dizziness or nausea and vomiting. Not a pleasant time as anyone who experiences these can testify.

In my experience, I’ve found that migraine headaches generally have two components, some irritant or toxin that sets the vascular spasm off and faulty nervous system control that results in a failure to keep the spasm in check. The level of toxin or irritant necessary to produce the vascular spasm often depends on the nervous system factor. The toxins or irritants may come from any one of a variety of sources. They may originate as bowel toxins from improperly digested foods, come from parasites or infections somewhere in the body or result from chemicals or allergens from the environment that fail to be properly expelled or neutralized. “Normal” metabolic toxins and irritants may also build up if the kidneys or liver fail to clean the blood properly. The contributing nervous system factor may come from a structural misalignment in the spine that is interfering with a nerve. It may be from a past injury to the nerves. The electric field that surrounds the nerves may not be properly maintained by the thyroid, adrenals and heart or the nervous system itself may be lacking the proper nutrition, minerals or blood sugar to operate properly.

To fix a migraine the sources of the toxin or irritant must be identified and corrected. This may require repair of certain organs with specialized nutrition, natural antibiotics, or allergy correction (see previous newsletter on allergies). Complementary to this, the nervous system malfunction must be located and repaired. This may require chiropractic manipulation of the spine, healing of the nerves themselves or correction of the adrenals, thyroid, heart, pancreas or whatever else that may affect the nerves.

Migraines are not an easy fix. Most people affected by these have and will try anything and everything for relief of the terrible pain. Unfairly it is usually to no avail. With Cause and Effect Muscle Testing, however, there is hope. This technique allows one to spot the exact cause(s) of the migraine so that healing is possible. For this reason it often works when other methods fail. If your life is being disrupted by this affliction call (260) 459-6160 (Fort Wayne) or (773) 929-3964 (Chicago) for effective natural treatment.


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