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                                 Gastric Distress    


If the amount of antacids, peptobismol, prevacid, propulsid, tegamet and nexium sold is any indication, there are a lot of people out there that are suffering from digestive disorders. To many, indigestion may not sound like a major health problem. If you have ever suffered from chronic gastric problems then you know how ruinous it can be in reality. The simple pleasures of eating, sleeping and relaxing simply don't exist.

The problem with all the antacids and drugs is that they don't fix anything. The GI problem always comes back. This is because, once again, the problem isn't present because one has a lack of the drug in his system. Actual causes are many.

Too much or not enough acid in the stomach generally relates to a regulation problem. This means the person has a problem with the nerves to the stomach (or valves) or a problem with hormonal regulation, especially the pituitary gland. More times than not I find stomach symptoms are secondary to a problem with the pancreas or liver. All the digestive organs have close nerve and hormonal communication and compensation reactions can occur between them. As digestive organs produce a very great amount of fluids and juices full of enzymes, a lack of minerals or a kidney problem (minerals lost through urination) can also be a source of the distress. Then there can be direct infection, chemical or allergies or biological toxins that affect the stomach or other digestive organs. Furthermore the heart can refer pain to the stomach. Maybe the person who coined the term heartburn knew more than he was given credit for.

The main point is that if you fix what is responsible for the gastric problem, then you don't have to take the drugs anymore. I don't know why anyone would want to have gastric problems if they don't have to.

With Cause and Effect Muscle Testing, we treat the individual. We find out what malfunction is behind each person's digestive problem and determine exactly how to correct it naturally. And the difference is it actually gets fixed. If someone you know is suffering from gastric distress, let them know about Cause and Effect Muscle Testing. They will stay upset if you don't.

David A. Murdock D.C.

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