Natural Healing Through Specific Nutrition

The Musculoskeletal System 

If the musculoskeletal system were not present there would be no reason for the other organs of the body to exist. All of the organ systems of the body are there for the purpose of serving the musculoskeletal system. The primary reason that we have a body is to produce motion in the environment. This includes motion of the body within the environment (called locomotion) as well as producing motion in the environment around the body. It is the main way that we build, create, communicate or cause effects in general in our physical world. This motion is accomplished directly through a series of levers and joints made up of bone, cartilage and ligaments and is powered by muscles. Bone makes up the framework of the lever system and the strength of the bone is important with regards to overall structural integrity. It also serves a vital protective function to protect internal organs and especially the nerves. 

Bone is a living tissue; old bone is constantly being taken up and new bone is constantly being laid down. New bone requires calcium and phosphorous and proper hormonal balance. It is especially important during the teenage years to ensure that the body has the proper minerals, vitamins and hormone support. This is so true that up to 50% of your bone strength late in life is determined by the nutrition that you had as a teenager. Joints consist of the cartilage surfaces between bones, the ligaments to hold them together and the fluids that promote the lubrication and nutrition to the area. All this is covered by a “sack” called the joint capsule or bursae.

There is more wear and tear and “breakdown” in the musculoskeletal system than any other part of the body during our daily activities. Consequently, anytime that healing in general is interfered with, one of the very first places that we feel it is in the joints and muscles. Daily wear and tear is normal. Daily healing is also normal. When wear and tear is more than healing; joints and muscles have problems and ache and hurt. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of being sore from working very hard. Sometimes it’s because the body is not healing at a normal level.

When a person’s body is in flight or fight mode, healing is shut down. Therefore, when a person is under a lot of continual stress, the joints and muscles are one of the first places that they feel problems. The same goes for people who fail to get proper rest and sleep. There is not enough time for healing to take place. Healing is a building process and requires basic raw materials and building blocks. This means good nutrition, properly processed from the digestive system and distributed by the liver. A bad liver and bad joints go together--not enough proper building blocks for healing. Furthermore a bad liver may not handle and neutralize the normal (or abnormal) amounts of intestinal toxins that then find their way into the joints and weaken the tissue. 

Since joints undergo a lot of motion and friction between body parts, proper lubrication of the joints is essential to prevent inflammation. This requires minerals in the joints (especially calcium), and fluids in the joints. A kidney problem can result in lack of fluids and minerals in the joint and muscles and can lead to inflammation and tissue breakdown. Hormonal imbalances affecting fluids and minerals can do the same thing, sometimes not as dramatically. Abnormal spinal misalignment may interfere with fluid circulation in the joint and also cause abnormal wear and tear.

When you have an environment of excess tissue breakdown you have great food for infection as this is what infection thrives upon--weak, damaged and broken down tissue. Different types of infections can lodge and make themselves at home in the joint. Now you have different types of arthritic symptoms. Most of these infections, in my opinion, have not been isolated with standard tests and recognized by classical medicine. Nevertheless, when natural immune system enhancers are given to these patients, carefully matching the nutritional supplements or herbal remedies with the specific person’s joint problem, amazing results can be seen. Unfortunately, standard antibiotics rarely seem to work, probably because more times than not there is no underlying bacterial infection present (antibiotics only work on bacteria). Possibly the infection avenue of approach has been dropped by a lot of the medical establishment because positive responses are so rare with antibiotics.

In summary a healthy musculoskeletal system requires good healing to balance the wear and tear. The stronger the body is against the wear and tear, the less musculoskeletal problems a person will have. This requires good specific nutrition for healing the joints, muscles, cartilage and bones. It also requires properly functioning supportive organs and glands. Properly executed nutritional muscle testing ensures that you have the exact nutrition necessary for optimal healing and organ function. If you have musculoskeletal problems, get plenty of sleep, reduce your stress as much as possible and call the office for an appointment at (260) 459-6160 (Ft. Wayne) or (773) 929-3964 (Chicago).








Also many internal organ problems can refer to the back and cause pain including the kidneys, uterus, heart, liver, pancreas and intestines.

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