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Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are scary. They are so scary that they can make you panic. This makes your panic attack become worse. Which is even more frightening. Your heart can pound and race, you can't catch your breath. You wonder if you are going to die. All of which can make you panic and this terrifying cycle just keeps running away.

Panic attacks are not supposed to happen. Your body is not supposed to reach such a degree of uncontrolled function. This means that not only there is something malfunctioning, but the body's built in back ups and fail safes are also not working. Panic attacks always include a problem with the adrenal glands not functioning correctly, but there also has to be problems with the “back ups” to reach the degree of malfunction necessary for the panic attack.

The principle back ups to the adrenal glands are the thyroid gland and the central nervous system. Nerves that regulate the heart and lungs are particularly important. When all of these are not functioning correctly a confusion in regulation occurs and this spiral of panic may ensue.

Treating panic attacks effectively requires finding out what is going on with these organ systems and why they are not properly regulating. Thyroid and adrenal glands may be subject to different types of infections. These often do not show up on standard tests. They can easily be located however with Cause and Effect Muscle Testing. The glands can also be poisoned by different toxins or can suffer from certain allergy reactions. Stress and exhaustion are also factors.

It is obvious that the nervous system plays an important role with panic attacks. If this were not true, anti anxiety medication would not work since these all address the nervous system. Old nerve injuries or infections in the nervous system may be underlying factors. There can also be poisons or allergies that are affecting and interfering with normal balance. Low blood sugar will magnify a nervous system problem that's already present.

Most practices will concentrate on the adrenal glands when treating panic attacks. This may be successful. To be most effective, however, you need to also fix the nervous system problem and the thyroid gland as well. Using this three pronged approach, the person becomes much more stable and will still be protected if the adrenal glands happen to fail despite extra support.

The key is uncovering the basic causes that are affecting these glands and nerves negatively and then removing them. Every individual is different, what is causing the problem in one person is not the same as what is causing the problem in the next. Cause and Effect Muscle Testing is necessary to locate the specific cause or causes in each case. After the basic causes are handled, the next step is to provide very specific nutritional support to strengthen the glands and tissues and make the person stronger

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