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There are many, many theories on why we age. Most can be lumped into two categories. Pre-programmed Longevity and Environmental Damage Theories. Pre-programmed Longevity refers to the idea that the genes are programmed for the body to change and eventually “self destruct” then you die. This may occur through the genetic influence on the hormones or on the immune system or from some other mechanism. Environmental damage theories are based on the concept that environmental stressors wear out and break down the body and then you die. There appears to be truth in both. If a person were to have a perfect diet and a perfect environment, I would still have a hard time believing that he or she would live to be four hundred years old. There appears to be a genetic upper limit no matter what. On the other side of the story, we all know people that life has apparently been rough on and who look older than their age, while there are others who look young for their age.

Most people who I talk to really aren’t interested in living to be 300. What they are interested in is feeling young longer, looking young longer and in not dying early. They do not want their body to break down prematurely and wish to postpone the manifestations associated with this thing that we call aging as long as possible. 
Aging is a matter of the body breaking down. Organs don’t work as well. Tissues lose integrity. The body’s communication systems fail to work as they should and the body becomes out of balance. Since the body is a living unit it’s more than just the body breaking down. Aging occurs when the body breaks down at a faster rate than it is properly healing. If we wish to age slower or as least experience the effects of aging minimally we need to concentrate on decreasing these things that break the body down while maximizing those things that support the body and help it to heal. Once again this brings us to the basic health equation. Decrease these things that are stressors to the body and increase the things that make the body stronger. When resistance is greater than stressors, the body functions well and you do not have health problems. The point is that living longer and staying healthy obviously go together.

Factors that age you are those things that disrupt normal function and healing in the body. The major factors are infections (often unknown) and allergies, physical injuries, structural misalignments in the body, nerve injuries (technically a type of physical injury), chemical toxins, biological based toxins, heavy metal poisons, radiation, lack of exercise, lack of nutrition, lack of sleep and rest, genetic factors, and spiritual factors. Over time these factors accumulate and your body has a more and more difficult time performing its duties and repairing and you “fall apart” more commonly known as getting old. I would like to emphasize that research has also shown something that we all already know. Your mental outlook has a great deal to do with how long you live. Studies have shown that those who live the longest are 1) more conscientious, 2) more socially connected, 3) happier, 4) more optimistic, and 5) extroverted.

To summarize, this is what happens when you get older:

Glands and Hormones Shift

Chemical Toxins Build Up in Your Body

Radiation and Radiation Damage accumulates in Your Body and Skin

Multiple periods of lack of sleep and constant stress prevent normal healing of the body

More and more Physical Injuries and Nerve Injuries that haven’t completely healed add up

Exercise levels decrease which allow previously unmanifested nerve injuries to manifest and allow toxins to build in the body easier

Mental, Emotional and Spiritual stress, pain and loss continues to accumulate

Nutritional stores in the body become depleted

Infections (often subclinical) occupy tissues that are weakened from the above factors

The out of balance condition that results makes it easier for the above factors to affect the body in present time

And it becomes a downward spiral until too many things break down and you die.


In order to live longer, feel better and look better you have to reverse this and restore balance by 1) handling any infections that exist in your body (known and possibly unknown) 2) give the body lots of good nutrition for healing and repair and normal function 3) handle mental, emotional, and spiritual stress that is keeping you down; regain your positive outlook on life and connect with people 4) exercise 5) heal all old physical and nerve injury maximally with specific nutrition, exercise, and body communication techniques that work 6) get plenty of sleep and rest 7) run out past accumulated radiation with good nutrition and other methods 8) remove chemicals and toxins that have accumulated in the body with specific nutrition, herbs and detoxification techniques 9) give good specific nutrients to support your glands and hormones so that they can regulate properly.

Feeling younger, looking younger and living younger is possible. It doesn’t hardly seem fair that it is so much more work now to feel and look good than it used to be when you were young. If you have been around, you have already learned that life isn’t always fair. The truth is we have to make up for the past damage and abuse that we have put our bodies through. We have to do it now because we neglected to do it when we should have done it, which is right after we did it (abused it). If there are days when you feel beat up or poisoned it’s probably because you are. The good news is that you can do something about it to feel younger, look better, and live longer. Who wants to be old? Call the office at (260) 459-6160 to find out which areas of age related stress and healing you need the most help with and work out a program that will advance you to your optimum potential.


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