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How Muscle Testing Works 


Muscle Testing is based on the idea that the body is very electrical. The brain alone produces 100 Watts of electricity. Panasonic is pioneering micro devices that can be put into the body and be powered by electricity in the blood. Recent nanotechnology has made it possible to measure the electricity inside of a cell for the very first time. The readings that they are getting are astounding the scientists who are comparing it to electricity in lightning bolts.

When the body first forms, the first thing that forms is the electric fields. It is the electric field that determines which tissues and organs the cells will turn into. Recently some rather gross experiments have been conducted where scientists have grown organ parts on frogs where they were not supposed to be. For instance they grew eyes on the frog’s tails. They did it by mimicking the electric field of the eye and placing it on the tail as the frog’s body was forming. Dr. Becker (author of The Body Electric) discovered that he could regenerate legs on frogs by using electric current. Amputated limbs on rats have been regenerated, though deformed, by placing electricity on the amputated area. Scientists feel that if they could exactly mimic the electric fields of the nervous system they might be able to regenerate limbs.

One of the theories of cancer is that this current that forms to heal the tissues (called the current of injury) never shuts off like it is supposed to and the healing and growth fails to stop and you get tumors. Electric current is sometimes used to help tissues heal. Bones that will not heal, when placed in a proper electric field will heal. Muscles that shrink, when hooked to electricity for periods of time become strong again. The important thing to note is that whenever growth and healing is occurring in the body there will be an electric field of healing in the area that the body is trying to heal.

 This electric field may be detected by using a muscle. Muscles are very electrical. They run on electricity. Electricity was discovered when an Italian scientist named Galvani noticed that frog legs that were hanging from a metal rail were jumping by themselves. He discovered that an electric current was traveling between two different metals. The electricity from the current was making the muscles in the frog legs work and from this finding came the voltiac cell - the battery. The modern day electromyogram (EMG), which measures nerve function, is based on the same principle. Since muscles run on electricity and are so sensitive to electricity, muscles may be used to detect electrical changes.

Muscles have a constant electrical current which runs through them and is responsible for normal muscle tone and responsiveness. This creates an electrical field around the muscles at all times. A trained practitioner can detect changes in the muscle strength when an electrical field that is not normal impinges on the normal electric field of the muscle. Consequently a doctor that is trained in the technology of muscle testing can use a person’s muscle to check for organs that have abnormal electrical changes.

Instead of using wires hooked up to the muscle the doctor uses his own body to conduct the electrical status of the organ to the muscle that is being used for muscle testing. The normal electrical field of the doctor’s body and the electrical field of the muscle being tested produces what electricians call a carrier wave. This is an electrical circuit that is sensitive to changes that can register on a meter. When an electrician uses a meter to check electrical changes or electrical quality he has to put a battery in it to make a carrier wave circuit. Electrical influences impinging on the carrier wave cause the needle on the meter to change. Electrical influences impinging on the carrier wave that exists in the doctor and the patient causes changes in the muscle tone. An electrician sees the needle dip down. The doctor feels the arm dip down.

Basically the muscle acts the same way that the needle on the electrician’s meter reacts. When a muscle/nerve carrier wave electric field comes close enough to an electric field produced as a result of a sick or malfunctioning organ, the doctor will feel a change in the muscle tone and strength of the muscle being used for testing. The patients arm will dip down. In essence, a trained doctor is able to use the technology of muscle testing to find electrical abnormalities in the body the same way that an electrician uses an electrical meter to find electrical abnormalities.

A specialist in Cause Point Correlative Testing knows exactly where he has to contact in order to test the electricity in areas that relate to specific organs and tissues of the body.

When the electricity is abnormal in these specific areas it is a sign of injury or malfunction of the organ or tissue. By testing all of these points in a sequence the doctor is able to very quickly get a good idea of which areas of the body are not working as they should and are in need of help.

A doctor skilled in Muscle Testing is also able to apply principles of electricity to obtain additional information about the body.

If an electrician finds something that is not working correctly and finds an abnormal electrical flow he can use his meter and trace to where the abnormal electrical flow started. If he can determine where it started he can often tell you what caused the circuit to malfunction. Similarly in muscle testing, the doctor can also follow the path of abnormal electrical flow to certain areas. This can help to determine what originally caused the problem.

Sometimes, if there is a bad short circuit that has blown a circuit breaker the electrician may have to reset the circuit breaker so that he can pick up the electrical flow in order to check it with his meter. (It usually blows the circuit again after a short time). Likewise a Cause Point Correlative Testing doctor may have to temporarily “reset” the electrical flow in the body to be able to pick up the electrical currents in question. This is what the doctor is doing when you see him doing things with his hands and brushing across the body in certain fashions.

It has been found through clinical experience and observation that muscle testing may also be used for additional information. An example of this is “indexing”. Muscle testing may be used to get a general idea of how bad the electrical abnormality and associated malfunction is. This may be done by pressing consecutively down on the muscle being tested until the muscle “blows” or becomes weak. This would compare to turning a light off and on consecutively in a weak electrical circuit to see how many times in a row you could do it before the fuse blows. If it blows only after turning the light on and off after two times in a row, it would be pretty bad compared to one that would take 9 or ten times to blow. In this fashion the doctor is able to get a rough estimate on how much work may have to be done in order to fix a specific problem.

Cause Point Correlative Testing has a precise technology based on the actions and patterns of electricity. it is based on the same science that runs our cars, refrigerators, phones, computers, I pods, and our television sets. In an expert’s hands this technology may be used to quickly and accurately find areas of malfunction in the body, where it originally began and often what caused it to begin with. As a result the appropriate correct measures may be taken to correct the situation efficiently, effectively and affordably with absolutely wonderful results.


     What is Cause Point Correlative TestingTM

When injury, tissue breakdown and malfunction occur in the tissues of the body electrical changes occur. These changes can be detected at certain points that exist on the surface of the body that may be thought of as quite similar to acupuncture points.

Cause Point Correlative Testing is a system of communication with the body that makes use of these special points. Each of these points relate to a specific organ tissue or function. It has been discovered that a person's muscle can be used to detect the status of the body's electricity at these points and that this in turn relates to the status of the associated organ or tissue. A unique muscle test is performed while contacting the points to determine if the corresponding body functions are normal or in need of help. This muscle test is simple, quick and accurate, as well as painless. It may be viewed in its simplest form like checking the body for electrical abnormalities similar to the way an electrician will take his meter and check all the wiring for electrical shorts. What is amazing is that this actually works and it works very well.

Cause Point Correlative Testing takes muscle testing a step further than most other muscle testing techniques because it uses a sophisticated method of blocking and releasing these points. This may be used to determine connections between the symptoms that a person is experiencing and the underlying malfunctioning organs. You can use it to trace the "path of destruction" so to speak. Related to this,  Cause Point Correlative Testing tests for a series of points related to the basic causes of disease. These are the things that started it all. You were okay, then you were not okay. What interfered with the normal function to begin with? By the time the entire scan is complete, all of the major organs and systems of the body have been addressed, as well as several specialized points that relate to such things as chemical toxins, heavy metal poisoning, radiation, immune system problems, etc.

Areas routinely scanned include but are not limited to: liver, thyroid, heart, brain, musculoskeletal, gallbladder, stomach, intestines, hormones, vitamins, lungs, pancreas, minerals, prostate, calcium, ovaries, uterus, kidneys, immune system challenges, nerves, joints, environmental toxins, injury and blood.

Once the analysis is complete, a specialized health improvement plan is laid out. In Cause Point Correlative Testing, we primarily use individualized herbal and nutritional support so that the body can have the necessary raw materials in order to correct itself. The individualized nutritional support does not use vitamins or minerals as in “over the counter” vitamins and minerals. Those lack vital components present in whole foods and are incomplete. Our nutrition uses whole food supplements, prepared using special organic farming methods, patented machinery and delicate processing so that the products are never heated above 70 degrees F and all vitality and energy remain intact. One product, for instance, called organic minerals, comes from converting 80 pounds of organically grown vegetables into one 90 tablet bottle. Since the individualized nutritional support uses whole food supplements, it is very safe. You are simply having the exact very best food for your body.

The majority of people in the United States today have health problems. This doesn’t mean that the majority necessarily have pain or some drastic condition, although many do. It means that most have bodies that are unwell. It may manifest as chronic fatigue, regular or irregular headaches, stomach or bowel problems, depression, irritability, inability to lose weight or a host of other conditions. Whatever the manifestation may be, they are all signs of a body that is not functioning as it should.

Cause Point Correlative Testing is an innovative new technique that applies a different approach to this cycle of declining health. Instead of treating the symptom, it seeks to locate the underlying basis of the physical malfunction and correct it naturally.

The body is an amazing piece of work. The number of different functions it performs every second is astounding. But even your body sometimes needs help. It cannot function without raw materials or when certain interferences are present within it. CEMT provides an extraordinary method of getting into communication with your body to find out exactly what is needed and wanted so that it can function as it should.

Thousands of people have had their health problems handled with this approach when all else failed. Just look at what our patients say.   Don’t suffer in life with a problem that may be helped naturally and safely.

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