Natural Healing Through Specific Nutrition

What Our Patients Say


Heart and Chest 

I am middle aged and about three years ago I found I was having a difficult time sleeping. I had never experienced any sleeping problems before. When I would try to sleep I would notice a great deal of tightness and tension in the upper left part of my chest making it very uncomfortable for me to sleep. I discovered on my own that if I placed an ice pack on the left side of my chest the tightness eased off and I was able to sleep. I slept like this for a couple of months before finally going to see Dr. Murdock due to my husband’s urging. Dr. Murdock used Cause and Effect Muscle Testing to find out what was causing the problem. Dr. Murdock found the cause of the problem was nutritional deficiency and put me on a nutritional regimen. Within two days I did not have to use the ice pack again on my chest. I was able to sleep comfortably as I had always done before this health problem occurred. That was three years ago and I have not had the problem since. I highly recommend Dr. Murdock and the Cause and Effect Muscle Testing procedure.



Eczema and Fever

My daughter, Arabia, was 18 months old when we first met Dr. Murdock. She was diagnosed as having eczema (skin disease). I went to the traditional doctor and was given steroids but it did not help her condition. One week after seeing Dr. Murdock, I noticed a change in the condition of her skin. She has not had an episode with eczema since.


 Another story I have to share is when she had an elevated temperature. Once again, I took her to the traditional doctors seeking help, but to no avail, Arabia’s temperature continued to rise. She completely stopped drinking and eating and slept the majority of the day. She was so weak, I had to carry her around. After visiting Dr. Murdock and taking her herbs, she ran around the house as if she were never sick. I truly believe in Dr. Murdock. I recommend Dr. Murdock to everyone that I come in contact with that is complaining of having illnesses. I thank God for Dr. Murdock because he is truly heaven sent.


LS & A

Low Energy and Moody

Holy Cow! I feel incredibly better! Before coming to Dr. Murdock, I felt completely dead and listless. My energy was so low and I was in a bad mood most of the time because my body wasn’t feeling quite right. I also had recurring stomach problems for the past year.

 About two weeks after visiting Dr. Murdock, I started to feel a lot more energetic and I was doing much better with my acting (I am an actress). Then, about two days after that, I woke up so full of energy and life. My body felt completely better and my spirits were completely up. I also am more productive now in my daily life. I get things done so much more efficiently.

 Dr. Murdock is a miracle worker! I think he can cure anyone of anything.



Bueno lo que puedo desir del Doctor Murdock es que para mi es muy importante por que el me ayudo. Cuando una parte de mi cara se paraliso y estaba un poco asustado Pero el con sus medisinas me logro curar y tambien ayudo ami esposa a tener mi hijo poreso le estoy muy agradesido y confio tanto en el. Gracias Doctor.



Low Energy

I now have energy to keep up with my busy lifestyle. I can wake up for school and make it through the day without any problems. Thanks, Dr. Murdock!


Severe Back Pain for 63 Years

I am a 77 year old great grandmother who feels just great today!!! Yesterday I did not feel any pain in my lower back for the first time since I was 14 years old !!!!!

In a nut shell, Dr. Murdock and Dr. Peter saved my sanity!! My daughter-in-law brought me to Dr. Murdock approximately 6 weeks ago. I had given up on health and life!!! I was so unhappy, sick and angry!!! I have always taken what I thought was excellent care of my health, but doctors let me down!!! Whenever I complained about the pain in my back, they would send me to therapy, tell me to exercise and to take extra strength Tylenol. I’m on Coumadin for thinning the blood to avoid blood clots and can only take Tylenol for pain!!! I did not want to become addicted to the Tylenol, so I avoided taking it as much as possible, and just endured the awful pain!!!

My stomach was bloated like I was 7 or 8 months pregnant. I just felt sick all the time. I did not go anyplace. My overall appearance was as bad as the way I felt!!!

When Dr. Murdock and Dr. Peter told me there was a good chance they could get rid of my back pain I could not believe it!!! But I was desperate to try anything that might help. They determined the method of supplement treatment for me and I woke up yesterday morning with no back pain since I was 14 years old!!! I called everyone I know and they were all equally happy for me!!! There is so much I could tell you about me but there just isn’t enough time or space for me to say it here!!! PLEASE BELIEVE ME, IF YOU HAVE HEALTH PROBLEMS GIVE YOURSELF A CHANCE AND COME SEE WHAT DR. MURDOCK AND DR. PETER ARE ALL ABOUT!!! YOU WON’T REGRET IT !!! I PROMISE YOU!!!



Low Energy, Stress, Depression

I literally dragged myself into Dr. Murdock’s office about two months ago and felt totally beat, no energy at all. I’ve had all kinds of stress and moody blues. I’ve been taking depression pills for about six months and still didn’t feel any better. I was always tired, sleepy and dragging at work.

Today I have more energy than I know what to do with. Of course my production has improved a great deal. I even received a very good raise out of it!

I’m so much happier with myself and I am easier to get along with. That’s my story -- and I’m sticking with Dr. Murdock.


Back and Neck Injury

I sprained my back and injured my neck in a fall about four weeks ago. It took multiple adjustments and nutrients to assist the body in repairing the damaged areas, but now I am 100%. There is no soreness, strain, achy or tight feeling in my back.

 The greatest result of this is the realization that I no longer look for something to be wrong with my body. When it is not working right, I get it fixed, period! I don’t assume something will go wrong with the body because of regular maintenance with Dr. Dave.


Headaches and Low Energy

I have been seeing Dr. Murdock for several years and I have had several successes along the way. For the past six months, I feel like I have reached a new plateau of affluence. Mentally, I am consistently clearer. The severe headaches have all but disappeared. I have more energy consistently.


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Two years ago I was experiencing symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. After 8 to 10 hours of sleep I would wake up still tired. When getting ready for work in the morning I would need to lie down between taking a shower and getting dressed. I felt so fatigued during the day that it was necessary for me to go home during lunch hour to lie down and rest. My regular medical doctor ran blood tests every week for 7-8 weeks. The blood tests always came back normal except for a slight decrease in the magnesium level. He gave me a prescription for magnesium tablets. I was not getting any results with my medical doctor. The tiredness continued.

Then I found out about Dr. Murdock. After an examination, Dr. Murdock suggested several nutritional supplements. Three months later I began to feel a change. Within six months I was feeling like my old self again. Thanks Dr. Murdock. You were able to find the problem and solution when my medical doctor couldn’t. I am glad I continued taking the supplements even though I didn’t feel a change until the third month. Persistence has paid off. I feel great once again and am continuing with my maintenance supplements.



Bone Pain, Dizzy, Heart
Thanks a million, Dr. Murdock! I remember how sick I used to be when I first came to see you a few years back. My bones hurt, my head was spinning and I had an infection in my heart. I could barely stand up. Too many challenges to count and little by little when I made up my mind to take my supplements exactly as you had prescribed, and more importantly, kept up with my appointments, I began to see major improvements in my health.

Again, thanks very much Dr. Murdock!



Allergies, Weight 

I came in to Dr. Dave Murdock’s office to lose weight and handle my allergies. I started the program at the end of August . I began seeing the doctor on a regular basis and took the supplements that he tested me for. He monitored my progress up til now and helped me get rid of the parasites in my intestine. My allergies improved without using drugs which is what other doctors had given me. I have had hay fever since I was five years old and drugs have never helped me.

After getting rid of the parasites in my intestine, I began to lose weight very quickly.  I have been helped more by Doctor Murdock than by any other doctor I have ever seen.


Learning Difficulties

Thank you Dr. Murdock. My daughter, Danielle, got two A’s and two C’s on her report card. This is the first time ever that she got nothing below a C. You have really helped with getting to the root of her problems. We will be life-long patients.


Healthier, Eyesight Fixed

I feel so great! I started coming to Dr. Murdock because of a major adverse reaction to shrimp. My body feels like it is going through a complete revitalization. I am convinced that my body is completely reversing every physical challenge caused by infections, wrong food, no vitamins, bad vitamins and lack of water. I wear glasses and my prescription is high. However, now from 12 feet away, I can see letters that are less than 2 inches high. The opaqueness and blurriness is gone. Thanks, Dave!


Lack of Medical Help, Weight Loss

I really feel like a new woman. Dr. Murdock has helped me with several long-term medical problems that medical doctors had given up on. He has also helped me lose 150 pounds! I am very glad to be associated with him.



Pain Free 

This is the first time in 5 years that I am pain FREE! I have been to many other doctors and have taken pain pills every day. Now, I do not take any pain pills.



Heart, Pain, No Sleep 

After I suffered a heart attack in March 2005 and had 2 surgeries, I was hopeful for an expedient recovery. However, after suffering for 5 months with excruciating pain in the upper torso of my body, sleepless nights and major depression, I knew that I had to try an alternative. I gave the physicians and my cardiologist every opportunity to rectify my physical and mental illness. Test after test, surgery after surgery, I was still in the same physical and mental condition as I was before visiting the doctors. Up to this day, no one has contacted me regarding a diagnosis.

 I came to Dr. Murdock due to pain and sleep deprivation. After a non-intrusive examination, Dr. Murdock was able to reveal the roots of my problem. I felt relieved and grateful. Furthermore, within 24 hours, I felt 99.9% better and have ever since. I am so convinced of my success and future recovery, I have convinced my out-of-state relatives to have an examination with Dr. Murdock. I am grateful to a friend who recommended Dr. Murdock and I am most grateful for Dr. Murdock’s humble and very effective treatment. 


No Help Other Doctors, Infertility

When I started to come to Dr. Murdock’s, I had some chronic body problems that no holistic doctor had been able to handle. There were certain goals with my health I wanted to achieve.

 I guess one has to get to a point where you just need a change from the pain you’re in. I started the program and felt better right away. My body got so balanced I got pregnant and have a healthy baby boy. I couldn’t get pregnant for years. My chronic body problems are under control and I’m getting better and better. Dr. Murdock’s program works. Thank you.


Swelling and Pain
Dear Dr. Murdock,

I wish to express my appreciation for the exactness and skill with which you treated me. My ankles were swollen, particularly the left one. I had pitting edema and pain in the left shin. When doing stairs and putting my full weight on my left foot, the pain was excruciating. After I started taking my supplements, the swelling gradually subsided. The pain shifted to the calves for a couple of days, then the knees and after a short time to the inside of the thighs and then dissipated entirely. I am really impressed with this.  At first it seemed like hocus pocus.


 A.D.L., B.S.N. M.A.

Health Under Control 

 It’s great to feel that your health is under control. I feel that way about myself and my children and I consider that a miracle, even though I’ve been studying nutrition for many years. Thanks, Dr. Murdock!


Rheumatoid Arthritis

My daughter’s neighbor was the person who told her about Dr. Murdock. For about 7 years, I had been fighting rheumatoid arthritis and was not winning my battle. I went to the doctor monthly for gold shots, took anti-inflammatory drugs and steroids each day and felt worse. My husband had to help me get dressed in the morning. At times I could not hold or lift my grandchildren.

Each day was filled with pain. My first visit to Dr. Murdock was about a year and a half ago. One week after that visit, I was able to walk upstairs one step at a time without pain - something I had not been able to do for a long time. I remember walking in to work one morning and hearing my heels clicking on the floor. It sounded so good, I started to cry. I have been drug free for about 8 months and feel great.

 Friends and family who remember how I looked and saw my pain comment on how well I’m doing. Many of these same people have also gone to Dr. Murdock and have their own success stories. I look at what has happened to me since coming to Dr. Murdock as more of a miracle than a success story. Until you’ve been there, no one can really know the pain of rheumatoid arthritis. I truly thank God each day for having found Dr. Murdock.



Dizzy, Pain 

I came to Dr. Murdock dizzy and in so much pain I was almost in tears. By the end of my initial exam and consultation, I had more movement than I had in years! No dizziness, pain is almost non-existent. I have been to numerous other doctors who kept telling me there was nothing wrong with me and I knew there was. Dr. Murdock has been the only doctor to help. Thanks, Doc!



I feel a lot better physically. For the past 10 years, I had been getting migraine headaches once or twice a month pretty consistently. Ever since high school, I had gotten headaches (not migraines) and had to take aspirin for these. Since coming to Dr. Murdock, I’ve only had one headache. I feel much better physically. Whereas before coming, I felt physically tired all of the time and didn’t feel like doing much. I now feel alert and healthy almost all of the time. I feel like I will no longer get recurring headaches as my body feels much better. This is a very workable system (CEMT) as applied by Dr. Murdock. There is no way for me to express fully how much of a relief it is to not have to worry about being incapacitated once a month for as long as 48 hours by a serious headache. Thanks! I recommend Dr. Murdock to anyone who wants to handle physical problems or in general wants to feel better physically.


Energy, Menstrual, Food Allergies

Ever since I could remember I was always tired, but didn’t really know why. Went to medical doctors who wanted to give me pills with side effects or had taken tests that showed nothing was really wrong. From alternative doctors I received a measure of help, but not what I was really looking for.

Until I met Dr. Murdock, he has listened and addressed my health concerns. I see and feel huge improvements in my energy, menstrual cycle, food allergies and overall improvement in life. Thank you so much Dr. Murdock! I know wherever you go your patients will be in caring hands.



Fever, Lungs

Recently, for the second time this year, I had a high fever and infection turn on in my right leg. The first time I went to a M.D. and was put in the hospital for a day and on antibiotics for a month. This time, I came to Dr. Murdock. It’s only been a week and my leg is almost completely better and I feel great. Thanks to Dr. Murdock for his skill and patience! This was a much better handling.


Cyst on Eye, Complexion, Weight

Thank you so much for helping me with my eye problem. I was diagnosed with a cyst on my eye that would require surgery to correct it. After seeing Dr. Murdock for a month, the cyst was gone. In addition, I have more energy, my complexion is sparkling and I am finding it easier to control my weight. This is all due to Dr. Murdock.


Feel Better

I cannot believe how much better I feel! I could feel a difference within one day. I am a true believer in the body’s innate intelligence and this was still a surprise!




Recently, I came to Dr. Murdock’s office for a problem I had for over two months. I was experiencing heart pains that I thought would go away but, instead increased in intensity and frequency. I was being stubborn about seeking aid, but this situation began to cause me much concern. I called Mona who set up an appointment for me immediately. Dr. Murdock tested me and explained what the problem was. I was quite relieved to hear that the cause of the problem was not serious at all and the remedy equivalently simple. Mona gave me supplements per Dr. Murdock’s instructions.

As I left the office carrying the supplements in hand, I already started feeling a sense of well-being. When I arrived at home, I immediately took the supplements in the prescribed amounts and went to work on my computer. An hour later, I jumped out of my chair in great excitement. The chest pains that haunted me for two months were gone! Several months have passed since and the chest pains have not returned. Thanks very much with kudos, Dr. Murdock and Mona, for your expertise and dedicated service.



Hormonal Imbalance

I’d developed, I believe, hypothyroidism when I was 14 years old. The consequences were hormonal changes in my body that affected my ovaries. I was changing doctors constantly because I was not pleased with the treatment, or I could not afford it. This was in Mexico. I would not have my period come naturally for over a year straight, until I was given birth control pills in order to regulate it. When I took the pills, I had my period and once I stopped, so did my period. I stopped taking any kind of medication once I moved to Chicago. After I had been here a year, I found out about Dr. Murdock because of a friend. I had a lot of back pain, which was the main reason for going to see him. After examining me and taking my history, I was given vitamins and supplements. After 2 months, my period began on its own again. I’ve become regular since. Within 4 months or so, I stopped taking medications and now I only take supplements. I have improved and I feel much better.




I had this problem ever since I was a kid. It came and went on and off. I tried the usual pharmaceutical ointments and ultraviolet treatments and they appeared to work. When I stopped the treatments and ointments, my skin problems came back. Since I came to Dr. Murdock and started with CEMT and the Standard Process supplements, my skin problems are improving and without the use of harmful drugs and ointments!! Thanks!




Before I started seeing Dr. Murdock, I was having headaches 24/7 after giving birth to my last son. These headaches lasted for one and a half years. I went and saw an allergist who told me that I had a yeast problem and would have to be put on a special 3 month diet. I was told about Dr. Murdock from my sister-in-law. So I thought I would give it a try; what could it hurt. I have been seeing Dr. Murdock for three weeks now and my headaches have gone away completely. I can finally function normal again and enjoy my children.


Insomnia, Nervous 

I was not sleeping more than two hours a night and was constantly nervous. Now since I have seen Dr. Murdock I am not nervous anymore and can sleep a full night relaxed.

J. L.

Thanks For Health

I can never thank you enough for all that you have done to improve and maintain my health over the past decade. You have really opened my eyes to the healing power of nutrition and the importance of finding the source of a problem rather than treating the symptoms. I know the value of muscle testing and will continue to encourage others to take advantage of its potential.

God bless you and your family!

D. S.

Thanks For Health

I just wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated being your patient! Since the first time I stepped into your office I felt welcomed and appreciated as myself, just as I am.

Rarely do you find a doctor who doesn’t want “to fix you”. You have the ability to improve “the existing model.” By improving what I am you have helped me through many traumas, physically and emotionally. Holistically you are the greatest.

I sure hope your Indiana patients love you as much as we do in Chicago!

D. G.

Thanks For Health

Thank you so very much for your generosity, integrity, and conscientiousness as a doctor. These qualities are hard to come by in a doctor, and you have manifested them all throughout the time I have known you.

You have helped me very much and for this I am very grateful.

With Much Gratitude,


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