Natural Healing Through Specific Nutrition

To The New Patient

Welcome to Our Office!

Because what we do is different from most doctors and even different from most other chiropractors and natural healers you may not know quite what to expect.  Rest assured we will do everything possible to make your experience at our office a pleasant one.   The examination that we do is easy and absolutely painless.  No gowning is necessary and you are welcome to have someone accompany you throughout the consultation and exam if you so wish.  Most patients experience a certain amount of relief immediately following their first visit simply because they receive answers that ring true for what they have been experiencing.  Because our treatment is totally natural it is very safe.  What could be safer than concentrated whole foods that are rich in naturally occuring vitamins and minerals?  Yet what makes more sense if your goal is to repair the body.  If you are re-building a brick wall you better give the bricklayer some bricks.  Due to the nature of our analysis and approach each patient routinely leaves the office each visit feeling brighter and happier than when they came in.  Doing a program with us is not just a routine to get better it's an adventure in health.  You'll never look at health the same way again!

                            What to Expect

Step One  -  Patient Health History


Upon arrival our front desk receptionist will greet you and hand you patient information forms to fill out (if you have not already done so). This includes our general patient information forms as well as a comprehensive symptom survey form.  You may download and fill out these forms in advance if you wish. Just click on the following three links.
      patient information forms pdf download
      new patient orientation pdf          
      symptom survey form
Step Two - Initial Consultation with the Doctor


The initial consultation with the doctor to see if your case might be helped with nutritional muscle testing.

Step Three - Cause Point Correlative Testing 

The Cause Point Correlative Testing scan is performed and the data is recorded. Individualized specific nutritional protocols are also explored.  The doctor analyzes the data from the symptom survey and his exam and compares his findings with other patients that have been successfully treated in the past to determine if the patient is accepted for care.  A program of care is detemined and a report of findings and recommendations is written up for the patient's next visit.  In the meantime the new patient schedules a time for his report of findings.

Step Four - Report of Findings and Recommendations


The doctor reviews his findings and gives his recommendations for care to the patient.  This includes an individualized clinically designed nutritional and herbal supplementation program as determined with Cause Point Correlative Testing procedure.  


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