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The Ideal Health Care Analytical Procedure would:

Quickly and accurately locate which tissues, organs and glands were malfunctioning and in need of help.


Be able to find hard to detect, sometimes subclinical,  infections and immune challenges.


Give you a good idea of the basic cause underlying the malfunction.


Be able to determine the exact remedy that is necessary to heal the condition that is specific for each individual's case.


Have health and healing rather than symptom control as a goal.


Be affordable and "doable".


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Note:  Cause Point Correlative Muscle Testing is not a Medically Diagnostic Procedure.  It is not used to medically diagnose or treat medically diagnosed conditions



This Month's Featured Article


                  Disease-itis and Specialization              

Medical practitioners today are very much into the diagnosis and classification of symptoms. If there are not enough symptoms that can be seen to qualify for a name, tests are ordered so that more symptoms can be seen. More and more tests are ordered until the doctor is satisfied that he has enough symptoms present that a name is deserved.


The locations of the symptoms seem to have primary importance because that tells you which doctors you have to go to. For instance, if you have a pain in your gut and a pain in your leg, that’s an instant two doctors.

Once enough tests have been done and enough symptoms have been collected and enough doctors have been seen, a name can now be put on the group of symptoms, the most important part of the doctor’s job is done. Now he has a name that he can put on the insurance form and get paid.

The names apparently only work if they are in Latin, however. No one knows why but they become magical sources of income once the name becomes converted into Latin. “Kidney inflammed” doesn’t work, “Nephritis (from Latin nephr = kidney + itis = inflammatory state)” --- That works.

People will pay money for all kinds of tests to be told they have gastritis for instance. But if the doctor comes in the room after all of the tests and says, “Mr. Brown, we know what is causing your condition. You have a stomach that’s inflammed” they might have a tendency to be upset. I suppose if the doctor would tell them why it’s there or how to fix it they might be able to get away with it. This pronouncement of the condition in Latin is so coveted by the way that it is actually illegal for anyone but doctors to say the words in Latin. It’s practicing medicine without a license and you can be imprisoned for it. You can get away with telling someone they have an inflamed colon for instance, but you better not tell them they have colitis.

Come to think of it there sure are a lot of -itises. Bronchitis, Gastritis, Colitis, Nephritis, Neuritis, Pancreatitis, Hepatitis, Encephalitis, Dermatitis to name a few. You know they are all the same thing -- inflammation. The only difference is where. The diagnosis of pancreatitis for instance doesn’t tell you what is causing the condition, it just tells you where it is. The pancreatitis isn't causing the inflammation, the pancreatitis is inflammation in the pancreas. Using a diagnosis like this to say what is causing the situation has very little value and makes very little sense. It’s like saying that the reason you have a flat tire is because you have a flat tire.

In fact, if you were to have something that does cause inflammation in tissues, in all likelihood it could cause inflammation in more than one different tissue in the body. Take for example a specific toxin or poison. Let’s say it lands or collects in the pancreas for instance. It can result in an inflamed pancreas or pancreatitis. If it also lands or collects in the nerves it can cause inflamed nerves or neuritis. You can say to the person that you have pancreatitis and neuritis but it really has little practical value if your intention is to heal the condition.  If you say that you have a specific poison that is poisoning your nerves and pancreas, you can use that. It opens the door to healing the condition. Of course you still need to figure out what to do to get the poison out (which is one of the things that natural healers do). Once you do though both conditions are fixed. Sure he had pancreatitis and neuritis but what he really had was poisoning. Poisoning was the cause and it’s treatment corrected the situation. Treating only the inflammation never corrects it. You can see how a basic cause can disrupt function in several areas of the body at once. Placing names by geographic location of symptoms is very limiting.

To further complicate matters related to location of symptoms, a basic cause like poisons may affect an organ or tissue in one area of the body that then causes symptoms in an area far away from the malfunctioning organ. If the liver refuses to eliminate a toxin from the blood for instance, the person may end up with a rash. Who do you go to? A dermatologist or a doctor that specializes in liver malfunction? Most go to a dermatologist and get a cream (that is often hard on the liver). A kidney problem can cause a problem with digestion or muscle spasms. A pancreas problem can result in problems that cause nerve pain. And on and on.

Just as one basic cause can result in two separately diagnosed conditions, the same diagnosed condition may be caused from two completely different sources. The same tissue in one person may be affected by one thing and in the next person that identical tissue may have a different factor that is disrupting it’s function. For instance, Joe may have a liver problem because heavy metal poisons have infiltrated his liver. Jack may have a liver problem because sometime in his life he damaged the nerves that go to his liver and the nerves never healed all the way. They both may have the same diagnosis but the approach to correct the problem is totally different in each case. You can see that it can get a little complicated, but the bottom line is that everything works together to help everything else. It’s about balance and it’s about what can disrupt the tissues in the body and throw it out of balance. These basic factors that get in the way of normal function and throw the system out of balance are what true healers are interested in, not names.

Modern medicine and natural medicine have totally different ways of looking at the body and the solutions that they employ are likewise different. Natural healers don’t care about diagnosis. They don’t care what you call it, they want to find out what you need to do that will work to fix it. The body has a natural ability to heal. By removing the basic things that are damaging the body and preventing it from healing and by providing the basic building blocks that are necessary to rebuild and heal, the body can regain it’s previous state of normal function and diseases of all kinds, no matter what they are called; go away. If you have a condition, no matter what the name, that is in need of healing, call (260) 459-6160  for an appointment.

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